What People Say

We have the best job ever! Our clients inspire us to do what we do. We love getting to know each and every member of the family and working with them to craft functional friendly spaces that make them happy! Here are a few good words from our projects.

“Debbie is the best. She always exceeds my expectations. She is able to read my mind and come up with a design that is aesthetically pleasing, functional and has a “wow” factor. She has such a good “eye” for placement, form and proportions.” - Rosetta Hickstein

“Debbie understood my vision and was very creative at bringing many of my collections into the area in a new and different way. Her team is top notch and she runs an efficient organization. Literally getting everything organized to were within 8 hours she can make an entire transformation takes place!” - Vanessa Jones

“I found Debbie and Tweak Your Space through Houzz. The initial plan was to ‘tweak’ our home office but a few months into the plan we had a leak in our kitchen that made us shift gears to a much larger than anticipated project! Debbie was very accommodating about changing directions and I think was just as excited as I was since my kitchen badly needed an upgrade. She envisioned the new layout, helped us select the color pallet and materials, found and coordinated with contractors, and furnished the new family room. Debbie truly has a vision for spaces and the scale of things. She was very good at listening to us and taking into consideration the ideas that she thought would work for the space, but also just as good about explaining when she thought something wouldn’t work. Debbie is also very responsive and would always return our calls, emails, and texts about every little detail I might have worried about. She is just as detailed as I am and truly cares about how things will turn out. Our family loves our new kitchen and family room and we have only received compliments from our friends. I have truly enjoyed working with Debbie and feel like doing the whole rest of the house with her.” - Natalia

“We gave Debbie at Tweak Your Space 5 stars because our home is now a beautiful space with the elegant coastal vibe we wanted. Our home was built in 2009 and is a Key West style home. When we built the home we did not hire a decorator and mostly filled it with furniture we had. In addition, we did not have a decorator to help choose the light fixtures and any new furniture we were purchasing. It was still new and beautiful and we loved it but knew we could improve. Ten plus years later, we hired Debbie to help us with new light fixtures etc and she recommended that we also consider changing more. There were things we would have never thought of and are so happy we made the changes she recommended. Such as adding shiplap. more texture with fabrics and light fixtures. Our home is so much more bright and has the exact coastal look we like. Not too beachy, nautical or cottage like. It has the right amount of elegance and coastal. Our project took almost a year to complete with the changes we decided on as well as supply chain issues and scheduling contractors. Debbie is very talented at her profession and we are very happy we hired her to make the changes we wanted as well as the additional ones she recommended.” - Gail & Jay Allison

“The Tweak experience was wonderful. My husband and I are busy professionals without an eye for design. Debbie took the time to get to know us and our wants/needs/ideas. She made selections that were complimentary of our personalities to create incredible and inviting spaces. We’ve completed our second project with Debbie and hope to do more in the future!” - Khris Marcotrigiano

“My experience with Tweak Your Space and Debbie Perez was straight out of HGTV, only better! The design firm’s niche is to incorporate some of the client’s existing pieces into a new, contemporary design. However, the client is unable to provide any input during the process other than the initial meet and greet and intake questionnaire, leaving the end result a complete surprise on reveal day. Any one who knows me can attest to the fact that I’m a TYPE A control freak with very particular likes and dislikes, but indecisive to my very core. Then add post COVID supply chain delays to the complete secrecy, making this one of the most intense leaps of faith I have ever committed. I came to her with a modern, open floor plan that was a blank canvas and a beautiful Bracci leather sofa/sectional. My style is modern with clean lines, while remaining functional. I wanted a sleek design that was polished and sexy. She nailed it! Debbie exudes style and grace. She has a confidence in her vision and ability to read her client that is uncanny. She is passionate about her work, carefully listening to her client and meticulously curating an elevated space that surpasses every wish list. But, a picture is worth a thousand words. Check out these “Before” and “After” photos for yourself. Photo Credit: Tweak Your Space” - JABEEN AHED

“Debbie took her time to learn our individual preferences and opinions, and then combined them to create the perfect space for our whole family. She really took the initiative to learn about us and our style, not just imposing her own style like other designers we interviewed. She was even able effectively determine my wishes when I couldn’t definitively express them myself. We highly recommend Tweak Your Space!!!” - Miriah Denbo

“Debbie wowed us!!! My kids love their new rooms so much we don’t have to ask them to clean them up. She solved the ultimate puzzle; how to make our oddly shaped family room work. So happy. Looking forward to having her do other projects.” - Robert Bennett

“Words cannot express how thrilled we are with our new home- that Debbie Perez at Tweak Your Space designed for us. We had lived in our previous residence for 30 years and Debbie had “tweaked” our home about four times over the years we lived there. Each time was a great experience. Debbie’s designs reflected the changes in our lives and needs as we raised a family. The last “tweak” was so beautiful that we credit her work with us selling our home quickly and at our asking price. When we decided to move to a luxury condo, Debbie at Tweak Your Space was one of the first calls that we made. We completely trusted her to understand our taste, budget, and concerns. Once again Debbie did not disappoint! She captured our vision of this next phase of our life and created a magnificent space that reflects both our style and the lifestyle we wanted to experience. Her ability to blend cherished memorabilia with a fresh new approach resulted in a spectacular place that felt like “home”.” - D. Federer

“Debbie and the Tweak Your Space team completely transformed my home….like magic! The redesign of our main living areas and the outdoor space so very much improved the flow and function. She hit on our style completely and intuitively, and has elevated the entire space to be exactly what I wanted….a blend of modern and the classic. The built-ins that she sourced and created are absolutely perfect. She worked with the built in team until her vision was perfect, and the execution is better than what we had envisioned. The change in the use of space was creative and completely different than what we were thinking, but delightful. The most dramatic additions of chandeliers, rugs, art moved us from stuffy antiques to eclectic and chic. For the outside, the elevated feel is so luxurious and stunning– while remaining simple. We call it our personal resort….when we open up the umbrellas and sit in the circular sectional around our fire-pit. Our family loves it, and it brings my adult daughters back again and again with fiancé’s and friends. Debbie has an eye and a talent for blending in new items with what you have…making great use of your current pieces. She not only listens…but hears, and that makes all the difference. The desire and vision my husband and I had basically came to life in a way better way than we imagined. Will certainly hire again for the next phase!” - A. Rahn

“I asked Debbie to help me with a full tweak. I had recently moved to a larger home in the suburbs from a smaller condominium in the city. I needed to make several major purchases for my home, including furniture, artwork, and accessories. Debbie had helped me several years before when I lived in my previous home and had done a wonderful job, so I decided to reach out to her once again. My goal was to create a zen space for myself and my pets at a new stage in my life. Debbie went above and beyond in helping me to accomplish that. She managed the project superbly and handled everything from ordering the furniture to thoughtfully placing and arranging it in my home. She kept in good communication with me during the entire process. I felt that the overall look Debbie achieved for my home was much more unique, beautiful, and cohesive than I could have achieved on my own. It was also simple in a way that suits me well. I would highly recommend her!” - Lauren G.

“Tweak Your Space is an amazing company and Debbie is so talented at converting a tired old space into spaces that make you feel like a brand-new house, all while using many of the things you already have. Our 2BR 2Bath Guesthouse above our garage had not been updated since we built the house 22 years ago. It had wall to wall carpet which was worn out and was a collection of things that we didn’t use in the main house. I would say it had no distinct style. Debbie converted it into a true guest house that feels like a fresh Hamptons cottage! The rug was replaced with beautiful faux wood floors and she added cool chandeliers, area rugs, mirrors, and accents, as well as key furniture pieces to completely overhaul the space. Our guests this weekend said they had the best night’s sleep in the guesthouse last night – same bed they slept in last time – just new surroundings. Excellent work Debbie!” - E. Fowler

“I had a great experience. I loved the surprise factor of the reveal and that I didn’t have to do all of the work. Debbie visited us once, I sent some ideas, I described a Cape Code beachy, yet farmhouse like idea (that I had no idea how to put into reality) that was kid friendly. She nailed it! We absolutely love it! Perfect colors, not over done but with lots of great details that I can maintain and actually use in my daily life! Great experience!” - J.G.

“I have never worked with a designer before, but having seen Debbie’s work, I knew she could create something amazing. It was a good decision because I did not want to waste time and money trying things out, especially knowing that I was taking a sharp 180 from my usual “go to” style (cottage/transitional). I liked Debbie’s approach because being a bit of a control freak I would have wanted to give more direction than I was allowed to do. Instead I gave her a vision and she gave me some gush-worthy spaces. She does not just design a room, she puts her whole heart and soul into your space just as you would do for yourself. She truly cares about what she is doing and it shows. I have marveled over every decision she made with appreciation for the balance, color, spatial planning and the tiny details that she put so much thought into. I told her that she should be designing for celebrities and not middle class suburbanites on a budget. She is really that good. I had a different idea of how I wanted the space to turn out, but after I let it “grow” on me, I could see that she had a better sense of me than maybe I even did. “You put a lot of thought into your vision. You need to trust yourself”, she said. If you are ok with letting go of your project and turning things over to a true professional who has exquisite taste and style, like the element of surprise and are willing to allow her to take over that decision-making process, then Debbie is the pro for you. Enjoy!” - C.M.

“I met Debbie as I saw her listed as one of the top interior designers on Houzz. I had never hired a professional designer before this, and I was willing to see what it was like to talk to one. I will be frank; I didn’t meet anyone else before or after Debbie, so I have nothing to compare against. But I think it doesn’t matter as I got the result I was looking for- a beautiful home that I love to come back to and live in day in and day out with my family. Our first meeting was long as I had to explain each and everything I needed to tweak for the whole house and not just a room or two. She heard me keenly and asked me questions and threw in suggestions as well which gave me confidence that she was getting me. The whole reason I am writing this review is to help people looking for designers to be sure of what they are getting into. For me the biggest challenge which I realized in working with Debbie was to handle the surprise element. There are no long discussions after the first meeting which give you specific details of what’s coming in the house. It’s something you sign up for while signing the contract, but I couldn’t accept it till the last min. The scrutiny from family and friends also kills you till it all happens. But to be very clear, I loved what she did with my house. It’s beautiful and perfect and I love it. I have forgotten all those anxieties now which used to kill me for the months between signing the contract and the tweak day. Debbie did provide me a lot of confidence in these months and was always ready to talk to me if I had any questions. There were a few back and forth after the tweak day as well but she was very flexible with everything I wanted to return or replace. And I guess that’s unavoidable, but you should ultimately get what you want. I love the beautiful spaces in my house, they were made functional, gave me lots and lots of organized storage spaces and modern. Very practical, just how I wanted with a lot of beauty in it. I have received lots of compliments for how my house looks now and when I see the before and after’s, I only feel proud of my decision. Thanks Debbie.” - Surbhi Vij, Tampa, Florida

“We built a new home and bought several new pieces of furniture for almost every room but the space felt cold, sparse and unfinished. I wanted to bring everything together without purchasing more furniture and making elaborate changes. I wanted it to be simple (e.g., no wallpaper, no heavy window treatments). I was doing a Google search for a designer in my area to help with this and Tweak Your Space caught my eye. This interior designer seemed a little different than the others and I loved the results of her work shown on her website. We hired her and it was a “leap of faith”. Debbie’s talent transformed our “diamond in the rough” into a beautiful home. She listens very carefully and has an incredible ability to make your home yours. We couldn’t be happier.” - Bob & Rosetta Hickstein, Lithia, Florida

“What a fabulous experience….. Gave Debbie pretty much free reign and she did not disappoint. Debbie has an eye for design that we certainly could not have achieved on our own. Our home is totally transformed with new and existing pieces and we just could not be happier with the results. The people who work with her were phenomenal. Always on time, professional and so talented. Highly recommend Tweak Your Space …..” - N.P.

“Really couldn’t ask for more in a designer. She’s got the touch for sure. Unlike some, she was very flexible to accommodate my bizarre ideas.” - C. Hoyer

“Debbie did an amazing job with our house. She went above and beyond our expectations! My husband and I have different tastes– he likes traditional style and neutral colors, I like modern style with pops of color. Debbie perfectly blended our styles into a house that we both love. We contacted Debbie after finding her on Houzz. She came over for a walk-through and we hired her. We felt confident that she would do a great job. Over the next few months, she was in contact with us about what we liked, cost updates, time updates, etc. We always felt in the loop and never felt worried about anything. The cost did end up going over budget, but Debbie worked really hard to make sure it would still look amazing even though we had to cut costs in a few places. When it was time for the final reveal, we couldn’t believe our eyes! It was like a completely new house. Debbie used most of what we already had (furniture and a few decorations) and seamlessly added more things to it. Our friends couldn’t even remember what was new and what was old. That’s how perfectly everything blended together. We are thrilled with our decision to have Debbie tweak our space! We would recommend her 100%.” - Josh & Leslie

“I inherited a 1942 house with a sun porch that was never used. As you can see from the decorating help of Deb, it became a room I will use on a daily basis.” - L.A.

“This Tweak left me speechless and appreciative. Speechless because I could have never imagined the result on my own and appreciative because Debbie is truly a talented designer who really listens to what you’re trying to achieve. She captured the cozy/home feel I had desired. Walking into this space now just makes me smile and feeling so happy this is my home.” - Penny

“I would highly recommend Debbie and Tweak your space to anybody who is looking to get a “Wow” factor added to their home. Debbie really took what we were thinking and made it a reality!! The execution of the project was perfect!! We love the final output she created for us. thank you Debbie for such a wonderful job!!” - S. Shah

“We were inspired by the homeowner’s awesome 1960’s inspired Pop Art! We chose to rev up the vintage vibe by adding the Fes Wool rug from West Elm, a Sputnik Chandelier from Wayfair, a Laguna-colored retro sofa from Houzz, and red lounge chair from Wayfair! Pops of yellow were added to round out the design. Vintage pillows helped add more character to the modernized, 60’s-styled space.” -

“I knew I wanted a different look, but what and how? When at the end of our first meeting as I was anxiously reiterating my wish list, Debbie said, “Jim I got you, don’t worry,” I had a strong sense of being in good hands. Got me she did! I love my all new spaces, especially as one total home! It’s me, wonderful and very comfortable! I have told many of my friends, if I went out to purchase each item myself, I would not have selected 80% of the items Debbie purchased. I would have fallen back to choosing closer to what I had in the past. But seeing them all together, I love it! Great job Debbie! Thank you!” - Jim

“Paint: Sandbar by Sherwin Williams (SW 7547) Seagrass Rug by Addicus Dicus & Bailey Co. Floors by Integrity Floors   *Please note: The ‘Before’ photos seen here are from the previous homeowner and are only being used to show the transformation by way of cosmetic changes (i.e: flooring, paint, and fixtures.)” - Sam & Carol

“After ten years of trying to make sense of my space and not being successful my husband and I decided to hire the services of Debbie Perez to redo our family room including the dinning area and also our sad looking bedroom. I am including photos of the space after it was tweaked because a picture tells a thousand words and I will talk about Debbie’s sensitivity and professionalism which impressed me so much in our initial interview and through the whole process. My husband for one does not like change and moving around furniture discarding pieces and bringing new pieces in was not easy but Debbie explained everything in detail and with the out most patience and respect created a space for us that is not only beautiful but comfortable. She is a true professional and a lovely human being.” - Aimee

“Tweak Your Space did a fabulous job with a very challenging entry area family room in my home. I wanted the room to meet multiple family needs – work space for teenagers, mud room, TV watching, casual dining – and also look modern but still fit with a home built in the 1950s. Yes, it was a challenging task! I love the end result and highly recommend Tweak Your Space.” -

“I hired Debbie to set up several rooms in my brand-new home. I have used “traditional” designers in the past, but I did not have time, nor patience, to work with another designer where I had to be working side by side with a designer to get the final product I like. I was intrigued by Debbie’s approach, and it worked out really well for me as I was in a hurry to get the house set up for my daughter’s wedding, which was 3 months after I hired Debbie! I was nervous, but I found it really easy to connect with Debbie and get her to understand what I was looking for. It also helped that every time I would get nervous, my husband would say: “take a leap of faith!” And, I am glad I did! Debbie did my family room, outdoor living, kitchen and “touch ups” throughout the house. Everything turned out beautifully! She used as much of my furniture and accessories as possible and made them blend in really well with the new purchases. She nailed the style I was looking for: a blend of Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware… with affordable accessories added for a great look. She thought of so many details to make sure it is done just right. For example, for the outdoor dining table is situated right outside the family room she got short back chairs so that they don’t block the view from the living room. Really nice! The tweak day was great. She had everything staged so beautiful including small touches like candles. It was an awesome experience. Mom and I walked in the house and we kept saying “wow” over and over again!  We did have one couch that we did not find very comfortable. I raised a concern to Debbie and she worked with me to exchange it and get a different one that my husband and I found comfortable and it fit with the style of the other furniture. Working with Debbie was a breeze. She is VERY responsive, and communicates clearly. She kept us updated on the delivery dates. A couple of times she was concerned about going over budget, and she reached out to make sure we are ok. I love what Debbie did for us, and the whole Tweak Your Space approach. I highly recommend using her.” - Mila

“This is the 2nd time I have used Deb and her staff and once again they nailed it. I could not be more pleased with my new Master Bedroom. Deb was able to take my existing furniture and by adding a few extra items she completely transformed the space. I would recommend Tweak Your Space to anyone.” - Jeff

“I am delighted with my tweak by Debbie. She really did get me, so much so that my daughter-in-law said, “It’s so you, Mom!” Others have commented that it looks like a model home. Yet, I feel completely comfortable and love walking in the door every day. Debbie has both a gift and a talent, and I’m so glad I could take advantage of that combination. She met the deadline and stayed within the budget. As I look around and think about the whole experience, I’m struck with how comfortable I feel now.  Debbie, you told me in the beginning that you got me, but I wasn’t totally convinced. Now I know that you did indeed get me. It’s apparent in every room.  You’ve created a beautiful environment where I love walking in the door and just going from room to room to enjoy the views.” - Linda

“Click to watch Anne’s testimonial!” -

“Click to watch testimonial!” - Driftwood House

“A warm, cozy, and eclectic nest with a bit of Mid Century Modern is what I wanted. You nailed it! Then you took it further by uncovering my hidden interest in Southwest style. The brass rubbings were rolled up in tubes for over 50 years and family heirlooms/antiques were here but invisible. This was more than a Tweak! It was an opportunity for my parents and grandmother to share loving stories about each other as well as the history behind the pieces they passed on to me. Lastly, the loft bedroom is drop dead gorgeous. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to you and your Tweak Your Space crew!” - Lea

“My family and I have never done anything like this before. We are both very busy people and choose not to spend free time looking for furniture or accessories. I found Tweak Your Space and we were blown away with what they did. Our house looks AMAZING!!! Our house didn’t have any type of theme or consistent image and Tweak Your Space fixed that. Debbie is extremely professional and listened to what we like. We recommend her and her team for any house project you need done. Please look at the Grand Hampton photos!” - Caroline, Tampa, FL

“Debbie is great! I would use her again, and recommend her to everyone. I had difficulty giving up control, but Debbie spent a lot of time with me discussing my likes and dislikes and really honed in on my style and the look I was trying to achieve. A few new pieces were purchased that I would have never thought to buy, but I was really blown away by how she moved around and grouped existing furniture and decor. I love the new look! Thank you Debbie! I am truly enjoying my newly tweaked house!” - Kim, Tampa, FL

“I found Debbie on Houzz and her Tweak concept was exactly what I was looking for. We had an awkward room that we could never figure out what to do with, and I was impressed with Debbie’s library of work and her ability to redefine spaces. We were not disappointed. Debbie did an amazing job making the most of our space and blending our existing belongings with new items to give the room a warm and cohesive look I could not have envisioned myself. I most appreciate that she worked all of our favorite things into the design. I admit that we were nervous to relinquish control without the ability to review and approve the overall design and new items, but in hindsight, I think we would have vetoed choices that really work. It was an exercise in trust that really paid off, and we’re very happy with the results.” - Cyndie

“I knew I wanted a different look, but what and how? When at the end of our first meeting as I was anxiously reiterating my wish list, Debbie said, “Jim I got you, don’t worry,” I had a strong sense of being in good hands. Got me she did! I love my all new spaces, especially as one total home! It’s me, wonderful and very comfortable! I have told many of my friends, if I went out to purchase each item myself, I would not have selected 80% of the items Debbie purchased. I would have fallen back to choosing closer to what I had in the past. But seeing them all together, I love it! Great job Debbie! Thank you!” - Jim, Tampa, FL

“Debbie has natural talent. She sees spaces and understands how to fix/balance them. We had a room we just couldn’t figure out and Debbie came in, saw, and delivered one of the most beautiful rooms in our home. Highly, highly recommend.” - LJ

“I am so thrilled with our new tweaked family room. I absolutely love the couch-exactly what I wanted-so comfortable!! You nailed everything. It’s a blend of things I love (my leather books and antique boxes) with a new fresh and airy look. Just love where you placed the Alvar. I get to see it now! This room is me…don’t know how you figured it out so perfectly!! Thank you, thank you. I finally love this room.” - Cathy, Tampa, FL

“We moved to Tampa not quite 2 years ago. Before we made the move, we downsized not knowing what to expect in FL and now found ourselves in a large home. I am severely “interiorly design challenged” and trying to place our furniture around the home, nothing looked or felt right. After reviewing interior designers on line, interviewing over the phone or in person, I chose Debbie and her team. Debbie immediately understood how “challenged” I am, and made me feel at ease. She interviewed me, and walked around the house asking great questions I never thought of. You could see she was already putting a plan in place. The best part of The Tweak, she uses your own items, furniture as much as she can, and then augments to complete/compliment the space. She did an outstanding job on the great room/living room. We have enjoyed it so much that we had Debbie return to complete the kitchen. For both projects, the budget and timelines were exactly what Debbie said they would be. I will definitely work with Debbie and her team again in the future.” - Priscilla

“Been friends with Debbie for years. Usually make it my practice to never mix friendship with business. But after visiting one of Debbie’s Tweaks I was blown away. Hired her to do our house. Debbie has a great eye, captured the exact feel we were going for and worked around our budget. Debbie & her team did an amazing job. Once again we were blown away when we returned home the evening of our tweak. So in love with everything. Happy to say we are still good friends.” - Karen

“We recently moved to Tampa from New England. Thinking that we were downsizing to a furnished condo, we sold most of our furniture before moving. When the condo contract fell through, we were overwhelmed at the prospect of furnishing our 3300 sq ft home that we purchased. Debbie did a fantastic job tweaking most of our home in one day. We love our new spaces & love that we are finally settled in our Florida home. Our friends comment that our home looks like it belongs in a magazine, yet it is very livable and inviting. We would highly recommend Debbie to Tweak your Space!” - Stacey

“I found Debbie here on Houzz. Our goal was to create a seamless connection to our stunning backyard view including patio, pool, terraced deck, large trees and lake. Debbie suggested we lay an oak hardwood floor in the entry/living/dining area and chose a stain that recalls the southern oaks in the backyard. We are frugal, value shoppers. We buy sparingly, but what we buy is for the long-term. The hardwood was worth the extra cost. It enhances the entire area to the point where little more was needed. Other than buying 2 side chairs, 2 area rugs, 2 table lamps, some decor and adding some blue to reflect the pool outside, Debbie just rearranged existing pieces (entertainment unit, sofa, 2 side and coffee tables). But the impact was significant. She raised the living room curtain rod towards the high ceiling so the room felt less heavy below, in better proportion. And with a less obstructed view, the eye is drawn towards the outdoors. Debbie created a beautiful entry combining things I already had, adding only a small area rug and light fixture. Great value there. Dining room rearranged china cabinet and table/chairs, and added some decor. Kitchen eat-in area switched to round table which gave us more room. Family room switched in furniture from around the house that matched better, added 2 new side chairs, decor. Office got a more functional desk and a corner plant, but she reused everything else. And she added a small lounging area on the patio just outside the office too, not in the original scope. Bottom line: If you are a control freak or decorator-wannabe, tweaking may not be for you. You have to trust Debbie to “get” you and you shouldn’t have too many preconceived notions of what you think you need or want. Then tweaking is a great value. (FYI, project came in slightly under budget.) My husband was totally on board; I had to process it a bit. But in the end, we were both very pleased.” - Jody

“We hired Debbie to help us with our living and dining room space in our newly renovated house. Our house belonged to my parents and I grew up there, so the renovation and decor have been somewhat a labor of love. I also like to think I have reasonably good taste, but I was absolutely stuck on what to do in this space. The new furniture I picked out and bought myself did not look good to me in the room; the walls were bare, and the overall vibe was cold. There were things that still needed to be done – lighting, a fireplace treatment, display areas – but I was too nervous to buy anything for for fear I would make more mistakes. I was also nervous to give up control but also desperate to fix it. I found Debbie on Houzz, loved her work and gave her a call … best decision I could have made. After a brief meeting, she ordered everything she thought I needed and set up a schedule for her contractor and his crew to come out. I had no idea what they would be doing, but it was a great surprise. They created a fabulous wood wall treatment on one large wall and on our fireplace, along with display shelves for some of my own pottery and design books. Once that was done, Debbie came in and added some killer chandeliers and floor lamps, great accessories, and a fantastic new orange chair. Some of the items she brought in were things I had seen and admired before but was too scared to buy myself (how did she know?)! She rearranged furniture for better flow and hung my favorite piece of art in a prominent position. My husband and I could not believe the difference! We absolutely love it, and the best part is it feels like “us”! Warm and comfortable, chic, modern, all the things we were hoping for.” - Kelly

“Debbie did a great job on our unique space. She is very talented, has great taste, and makes great design choices. After all the decisions were made It was wonderful to be able to have her come in one day and everything be completed when you return. It was also nice that the Subcontractors she works with were very professional and did an amazing job. The experience of leaving your house and returning in a few hours to a completely new space is a lot of fun and a great experience. We love the new space and if we weren’t so over budget we would have had her do every room in the house.” - Kristina

“What a difference a tweak makes!! Take a look at the pictures of my now gorgeous family room as tweaked by Debbie. She added her touches to the floors, walls and ceiling and created a stunning area that has fabulous color, texture and arrangement. The nook has been transformed into an outdoor patio complete with lantern and shingled walls. You can almost feel a slight breeze as you sit there, eat and take it all in. Sitting in the family room you find yourself lost in the midst of a garden, vibrant with color and you can almost smell the faint perfume of the blooms of the flowers. Debbie has once again worked her magic!” - Corrine

“We hired Debbie from Tweak Your Space to redecorate our living room, dining room, kitchen and family room. After the initial consultation, she had ordered and received everything and was ready to install. We left in the morning and by the time we came home in the late afternoon, everything was done. I can’t believe what a transformation our home went through. She captured our taste and the things we love perfectly. She moved our furniture to different rooms, added some pieces and finished it perfectly. It is so inviting to go into our home. We are thrilled and extremely pleased with the difference in the feel of our home.” - Chris

“I found Debbie Perez & Tweak Your Space a few years ago in a local publication. When we moved offices in June, I needed to update our conference room. I remembered Debbie’s company & reached out to her. She scheduled a consult appointment & we discussed what I was looking to achieve. She has great energy & was very thorough & professional. In the initial meeting, she also laid out the cost & worked with me on the budget. (I appreciated this because I hate hidden fees & surprises at the end of a project.) Being a small business owner with my husband, we needed something professional & functional. Being in our mid 30’s, however, I also wanted a chic & modern space. And wow!!! Did Debbie deliver!! I have a more eclectic style than my husband, so I wanted to make sure the space was not too feminine or “pretty”. Words (not even the photos) can describe the transformation! It was even better than anything I could have envisioned. The the scale & design are spot on. We’ve had a number of clients in our conference room since our Tweak, and both men & women comment on what a nice space it is. Debbie is very talented and our conference room looks so elegant, yet effortless at the same time. Debbie & her team were punctual on the day of my Tweak & had it done in no time. Her assistant, Nick, was also very helpful. He kept me updated through out the process and was a pleasure to work with. He is definitely an asset to the Tweak team and complements Debbie very well. If you are looking for any type of interior design help, look no further. Tweak Your Space is incredible!” - Rebecca

“I was delighted with Debbie’s work for our large family room / major living space.  Debbie is an excellent listener and was able to completely change the look, feel and comfort of the room and it is now a comfortable and welcoming space that accommodates our whole family.  She and Nick made the install painless and fun! She works within a preset budget and is excellent in communicating the status of the job throughout.  She is now working on a new project with us – the master bedroom! I have been recommending Debbie to others as they always ask when they see my new rooms!” - Elizabeth

“Fantastic experience!!! From our first phone conversation all the way through the final ‘Tweak’, Debbie was great to work with! She was open and interested in hearing my vision and goals for the service, as well as provided a great overview of different options that might fit. After the in home consultation, she provided me with recommendations based on both my budget and desired end results. Debbie, Nick & the entire team were professional, punctual and an overall pleasure to work with. I love the end results & and it was a fun experience, too! I highly recommend Debbie & Tweak Your Space!!!” - Tara

“Debbie and the Tweak team were fantastic. They were fast, great communicators and the job they did was beyond our expectations. We loved it!” - Sandra

“Thank you Debbie and Nick for doing an absolutely fabulous job!!! We LOVE our new home and can’t wait for you to design every other room! You turned our rooms (that once seemed “un-designable”) into beautiful, chic and cozy spaces. I never want to leave the house 😉” - Melissa

“My husband was sold on updating our 17 year old kitchen and suggested we begin with a visit to Home Depot or Lowes. Frankly, he thought this was money “well spent” because these companies work in volume, have products you can see, and have elaborate computer design programs. I suggested that a “tweak” might be the bargain because computers and volume dealers may not recognize that a new wall color, area rug, or lighting could have just as much impact and cost less. So we compromised. I asked Debbie Perez to “tweak” our living room using furniture and accessories we already had, plus 2 new pillows and candles. Debbie came yesterday and worked her magic. When my husband walked in the front door he was speechless. He suggested we forego the Home Depot route, establish a budget, and work with Debbie. In a previous review, one of Debbie’s clients described her as ‘wildly talented’. She is also prompt, professional, down-to earth, and receptive to client needs and desires.” - J. Taylor

“Debbie Perez tweaked my office and redid mine. We were both very pleased. My husband’s office looks bigger and cleaner and mine has a totally different feel – I really love being in there now!” - Elizabeth

“I would highly recommend Debbie Perez. She has done several projects and continues to amaze me every time. Debbie has great vision and understanding on what I’m hoping to accomplish. She also understands staying in budget!” - Marylou

“I have nothing but high, high marks for Deb Perez and her team! They were on time, neat , hard working, and meticulous. Deb has a lot of energy and a great “eye” for detail. After one meeting, I felt she understood me and what I wanted. I would so recommend her and Tweak! A lot of bang for the buck!!” - Lauren

“What a wonderful experience! Debbie did an amazing job of taking family heirlooms or just favorite pieces and arranging them in a fresh and inviting way. I had been in my house for about a year, and the great room just wasn’t coming together. I was about to spring for new furniture, when I came across Tweak Your Space, and thought I’d see what they were about. After an initial walk through, only a few weeks passed until it was time for the tweak. She and her team arrived promptly at 10, and they were finished by 3. What an amazing transformation! My home has gone from “nice, but no pizazz” to well pulled together and balanced throughout the entire great room. I love coming home at the end of the day – I still can’t believe I live here!” - Becky, Great Room

“We have worked on several successful flooring projects with Tweak Your Space. Debbie Perez designs around clients unique needs- not just wants. As a tradesman, her insane focus on end results refines our skills and finished products. The Tweak Your Space process leads to beautiful places and happy clients.” - Corey, Integrity Floors, Inc.

“Debbie Perez of Tweak Your Space is wildly talented. She walked into our living room, which was crowded and blah, and with only a few tweaks of furniture and lighting, she turned it into a warm, spacious, welcoming room! I thought our only solution was going to be purchasing different furniture to “fit” the room better. It turns out, our existing furniture was perfect! It took Debbie no time at all to make our space wonderful. She has a gift and an eye for space and design. If you’re like us and have a room that just doesn’t seem to work, I’d recommend a tweak from Debbie before you do anything else!” - K. Shane

“Debbie Perez and team at Tweak Your Space did an excellent job decorating my two daughters’ rooms! They came in the morning, our family left for the day, and then we returned to two adorable rooms for our 13 and 16 year old daughters. The fun colors used in each room are awesome! The rest of our house will be Tweaked shortly and our family is so excited to see the fabulous result! I recommend Debbie Perez and Tweak Your Space to anyone who is looking for a fresh, updated look on a budget. Thank you so much!” - Tricia

“As a renter in South Tampa, I assumed designers would not be interested in taking on a small non-permanent project. Thank goodness I met Debbie and thank goodness she the saw potential in my 168 sq ft “very beige” living room! I was really frustrated with our space and intimidated to reach out to designer’s b/c of my limited budget. Debbie was kind, helpful, funny, and enthusiastic from the moment she stepped into the space. Since I did not have a lot of existing décor for her to work with for a standard “tweak”, Debbie was able to find and purchase everything I was dreaming of within my budget. She was able to integrate our style and lifestyle into a visual masterpiece of comfort and affordability. Thank you for the new space, Debbie!” - Casey

“Debbie tweaked my Master Bedroom with existing furniture from around the house. She purchased new bedding and accessories and now the room looks like a 5 star hotel. I showed her some magazine pictures and she made my dream bedroom a reality. I can’t wait to tweak another space. Thanks Debbie for an amazing experience.” - S. Pickett

“Coming back from a recent trip, I walked into the “surprise”. My entire workspace had been reorganized. Although it took me a short time to get used to where everything was, the intuitiveness with which it was done made me realize, although I’m great at running successful companies, I wasn’t so great at organizing my space to its maximum effectiveness. Thank you Debbie!” - Carrie, Parkview Residence

“Two years ago Debbie Perez came into my life. Ever since that time, she has been my “go-to” for everything surrounding my home life. She has re-decorated, re-designed and re-organized my home. She has made my home a place I always want to be. I feel like I am on a permanent vacation! She re-organized my partner’s work and home offices transforming them into stress free, inspirational and effective environments. Debbie has also added her special touch to gifts, parties and functions that I hold. Her connection to my needs and what I like, as well as her creativity and expertise makes working with her a pleasure. She ALWAYS exceeds my expectations! Thanks Debbie!” - Carrie

“When Debbie tweaked a few areas of my house, I felt like I had moved into a brand new home. She was able to buy some inexpensive items and use what I had to totally transform my space. She always asks questions, making sure her new designs are in line with my likes and dislikes and my lifestyle. She has a great eye for design, beautiful style, and is a pleasure to work with. I can’t wait for Debbie to tweak the rest of my home.” - Mary

“Working with my existing furnishings, Debbie transformed my entire house into a more functional and beautiful space that simply feels amazing.” - C. Charles

“We are beyond ecstatic with the work Debbie did in our home! Primarily using items and furniture we owned, Debbie’s re-styling of our space made everything look new. When we moved into our current home, my husband and I placed our furniture where the previous owners had theirs. As Debbie “tweaked our space”, we were amazed by the transformation that could be realized by rearranging furniture and adding a few new accents. We were especially blown away by the changes to our master bedroom. She turned a long, narrow, cramped space (e.g., my husband’s nightstand was turned sideways to fit on the wall – same as the previous owners) into a true master with a sitting area. It’s as if she added square footage to our house! We listed our home after Debbie’s “tweaks” and it went under contract in just over a week. We couldn’t be happier and will definitely use Debbie in our next home!” - Amanda & Jason

“We are beyond ecstatic with the work Debbie did in our home! Primarily using items and furniture we owned, Debbie’s re-styling of our space made everything look new. When we moved into our current home, my husband and I placed our furniture where the previous owners had theirs. As Debbie “tweaked our space”, we were amazed by the transformation that could be realized by rearranging furniture and adding a few new accents. We were especially blown away by the changes to our master bedroom. She turned a long, narrow, cramped space (e.g., my husband’s nightstand was turned sideways to fit on the wall – same as the previous owners) into a true master with a sitting area. It’s as if she added square footage to our house! We listed our home after Debbie’s “tweaks” and it went under contract in just over a week. We couldn’t be happier and will definitely use Debbie in our next home!” - Lauren

“Debbie Perez is truly amazing. She has just completed work on my third house. She transformed all three from “Ho-Hum” to extraordinary-all using my existing furniture and accessories. Her sense of balance and style is POINT-ON. Her ability to listen to clients, work hard and get the job done quickly and efficiently just added to the enjoyment of making my home a true showpiece. I highly recommend Debbie for any project and plan on giving my children her gift of a true makeover for their homes, as well.” - Diane R.

“I cannot speak highly enough about Debbie Perez and her unique tweaking business. Initially a bit skeptical about just how much she could accomplish in a smaller home like ours, it was only a matter of hours before she worked her magic and transformed our home into a much more attractive and livable space. I actually cried tears of joy when I first came home and saw what she’d done! Not only is she extremely talented at her craft, but very personable and a pleasure to work with as well. I would not hesitate recommending her to anyone who is interested in a fresh new look without breaking the bank.” - Joann

“We have received a miracle from a wonderful, talented and perceptive individual named Debbie Perez. Besides being a miracle worker, Debbie is a joy to work with and pays attention to understanding your personality, your habits/hobbies, and what is needed out of your space. Our home was virtually being used to store items we didn’t know what to do with. After Debbie finished working her talent, our home flows from one room to another with uniquely created spaces that literally have the WOW factor. We just love it!” - C. Wallace

“It is without reservation that we recommend Debbie Perez and her firm Tweak Your Space. This is the third time we have employed Debbie’s services. Her creativity, professionalism and integrity is unsurpassed. She was committed to staying within our budget and time table, while capturing our vision and transforming it beyond our wildest expectations.” - Denise, Culbreath Isles

“Debbie’s work is nothing short of amazing. When we bought our house, we loved the waterfront lot, but hated the house. Without changing the structure, she was able to transform it into our dream home. From inside to outside, she created an environment where we could work, play and live that fit our family perfectly. Debbie, along with our playroom she designed -and our kids, were featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine. My kids love it and it has grown with us. She has a unique talent for listening and then creating exactly what was in our minds, and make it even better than we thought. She anticipated challenges and made the spaces work in harmony. She saw a vision of our home completed and then she created a masterpiece that ultimately gave us our ideal life and lifestyle.” - Carrie

“Every time I walk into my beach condo, a big smile is put on my face thanks to Debbie. I used Debbie to design my 1920’s Mediterranean home in Tampa and again when I moved to the beach. She was able to incorporate my Mediterranean decor into my beach condo in such a way that makes it feel like a home with a touch of beach elegance. She hung my art so beautifully and in ways that draw comments from guests repeatedly. I love my new home. Debbie has an amazing talent!” - Carol

“It is with great pleasure I share my exceptional experience, and highly recommend, Tweak Your Space for all your decorating needs. I was reluctant to hire a professional decorator. I had visions of someone recklessly splurging on items at high-end stores and burning up time while running costs up. Much of my home had already been decorated with the exception of one, very challenging, living room with high ceilings. For years, I could never figure out how to utilize this space to its fullest potential. My dilemma: How do I incorporate some of my foundational pieces and give them a new look transitioning from dark and rustic to fresh and energized all on a sensible budget? That is where Debbie from Tweak Your Space came in and essentially “Tweaked” my living room into a new, exciting and inviting space that is now being utilized to its full potential. It’s as though she added 700 square feet to my house, just by moving my current furniture around and adding in a few new pieces in all the right places. Debbie’s approach is simple, fun, and cost effective for those on a variety of budgets. You will not be intimidated and sold on a specific style that you may regret after the checks are written and the decorator has long left the premises. She has a variety of tools to help you be a part of the process and collaborates with you to create a vision greater than any style you could have imagined on your own. Debbie takes your existing pieces, design ideas, and transforms them to fit with your current lifestyle and budget. She will unveil a room that will be beyond your expectations. My hope is that this information provides the motivation for you to take the next step and call Tweak Your Space. You will not be disappointed, nor will you find a more professional, knowledgeable, fun and economical way to Tweak and update your space.” - Traci

“From the very beginning I knew that I had made the right decision in trusting Debbie to tweak our family room and my husband’s study. She has an eye for design and is professional, knowledgeable, efficient and very organized. These five qualities make for an amazing tweak that makes a house into a home that you love to share with family and friends. Thanks for the magnificent results Debbie!” - Margret, Beach Park

“Thank you for all your hard work. Once again you’ve exceeded our expectations.We can’t even identify with our old place and all thanks to you! You have created the most amazing, awesome, hot, sexy, cozy and everything else under the sun place for us!Absolutely love everything.” - Carrie

“I can’t help but think of you every time I go into my family room. I can’t thank you enough for making my family room the space I always wanted it to be. Everyone loves it! We’re really enjoying it. Thank you again” - J. Watson

“Debbie is fantastic to work with. Her knowledge of design is truly amazing and second to none! You have a bright future!” - S. Gallagher

“So, I’m one of those people who wants her house to look like something out of a magazine. The only problem is I fail miserably whenever I try to do this myself. Then I met Debbie. Debbie has now done three rooms for us and has exceeded our expectations. She created a jaw dropping dining room that is to die for and a family friendly living and breakfast room that is cozy and warm. Can’t wait to get started on our fourth room with Debbie. She is a pleasure to work with and is incredibly talented.” - Melissa, San Miguel Residence

“Like many homeowners, we started our path to decorating our newly constructed, builder beige home with delusions of shattering our suburban oasis doldrums. Trepid with anticipation we bookmarked chique products from obscure online vendors and filled our Houzz idea books with pictures galore. Fast forward 6 months…still trying to figure out our style and arguing about what decorations from 3 moves ago were “keepers” was the new norm. It was agreed that professional help was needed. Enter Debbie Perez, ala Tweak Your Space. We found Debbie after viewing her Houzz profile. Her style gallery resonated immediately and after our first consultation we knew we had our decorator. Debbie got our desired style and was able to shape a clear vision for us. From that moment on we had purpose, we had a mission! Thank goodness Debbie has patience. As self deluded “DIYers” we wanted to do many of the projects ourselves. Debbie was there through all of the trial and errors, always supportive and always smiling. Net/net if you want a decorator that will bring you the home of your dreams, get “Tweaked”!” - Eric

“My home has been tweaked by Debbie twice now.The first time she tweaked the living room and the second time my office. What a difference a tweak makes !! In the living room, Debbie gave the space a whole new “twist”. That “twist” was produced by a shift in the arrangement and alignment of the objects in the room, changing it from its “Plain Jane” look into one of bold sophistication. Now everyone who comes into my home comments on how unique the room is. The new arrangement catches their eye immediately! The first thing out of their mouths when they see it is “I love it”! So do I. For my office I wanted the “WOW” factor to be my collection of Costa Rican Brunka Indian masks. Debbie made that happen. She pulled the room together using the power of color from the faces of the masks that electrified the whole space. What an energizing room to spend time in now !! Definitely, one of Debbie’s strengths is the magic she creates utilizing color. Tweaking has certainly turned my dreams into a reality. I’m hooked.” - Corrine