The Kingfisher House was custom built for our homeowners. They brought with them the things they loved from their previous home, and bought several new pieces of furniture for almost every room. However, the spaces felt cold, sparse and unfinished. Armed with some new accessories, a fresh eye, and some Tweak skills, we Tweaked their spaces into something fresh and new. You’ll have to look closely, most of the Tweaking we did was editing out the things that weren’t working and using them someplace else, and re-positioning furniture and rugs. The biggest impact came from the two new colorful art pieces in the dining and living rooms that tied everything together and gave the spaces life. When Tweaking, don’t forget what’s outside the windows. What you see through your windows impacts your interiors. We took the office “outdoor” rug to the lanai and arranged it with their existing outdoor furniture. The only things we added were the lanterns, pillows and potted iris. It doesn’t take much to make a big impact. Placement of furniture, accessories and some strict editing, can hugely transform any space!