With their second baby on the way and a 2-year-old already, this family needed a Tweak that’s all about family-friendly spaces!

Many families hold off on decorating until their children are older, making do with old worn out furniture way past it’s prime because they feel the kids will destroy everything. Children benefit from living among beautiful objects; they grow to appreciate and respect them. So check out these spaces the whole family can enjoy!

Considering the demands of everyday family life, we chose durable “low-maintenance” fabrics, wipe-able furniture, and items with rounded corners. Creating kid friendly spaces goes beyond just choosing indestructible materials and finishes. Here are some tips we used to create their spaces…

  1. It’s important to carve out areas in common rooms for children to do the things they enjoy. After all, part of making your home family-friendly is welcoming kids (and their stuff) into shared spaces instead of relegating them to their bedrooms. We transformed what would have been the traditional dining room into a playroom. This space was chosen because of its proximity to the kitchen and living space making it ideal for keeping an eye on their little ones.
  2. We kept furnishings on the sparse side to reserve space for play.
  3. Chose a clean-lined, casual, comfortable look. Opting for vibrant colors and touchable textures. This helps to camouflage the inevitable spills, fingerprints and other mishaps.
  4. Clutter is an unavoidable part of family life, but that doesn’t mean it has to take over your home. Make storage a design element. We used baskets and attractive boxes into open shelves to keep things organized and “kid friendly” accessible.
  5. Opting for wipe-able paint with an eggshell finish making clean-ups with a damp sponge a must. Color: Sherwin-Williams, Snowbound, SW-7004
  6. Thankfully, their existing tile and wood floors were perfect for cleaning up with a damp mop. The only thing we needed to do was install some area rugs. They soften and warm a space and protect floors from kids — and kids from floors. When they get grungy, flip them over, send them to the cleaners, or simply replace inexpensive ones. We used New Zealand wool rugs, they do a great job at repelling moisture and dirt.