When asked, describe your ideal home, this homeowner responded with one word – Hygge! Oh, and design around my 14′ shuffle board table.

Hygge is a word acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends. It’s the ability to not just be present – but recognize and enjoy the present. It’s the art of creating intimacy.

For this homeowner, being able to feel a sense of belonging was his only request. He wanted his spaces to feel warm and inviting. To accomplish this, out went the cold white tile, and in went warm new wood floors. Also, by changing all the walls to the same Natural Linen color from Benjamin Moore, gave every room a cohesive, fresh, new look. Just by making those two changes drastically altered the feel of each space. We’re all about keeping what’s working and changing what’s not. The kitchen looks as if it got a complete makeover without ever touching the cabinets or counter tops! The fireplace received a face-lift when we removed the stainless steel mantel, kept the existing stone face, and installed a new wood mantel that wrapped all three sides of the fireplace. We re-purposed the existing cornices in the breakfast nook and re-invented the family room cornice by squaring off the bottom and re-upholstering it with new fabric. Lastly, we mixed in some new furniture and accessories with his existing items he brought over from his previous home.

Entertaining family and friends is important. Incorporating the shuffle board table into his new home presented a challenge. The only space large enough was his living room, now turned family room. This gave us an opportunity to create a multi-functional hangout space to play shuffle board and/or watch TV. Adjacent to this space, is the old dining room. Here is where we placed his bar height gaming table to further enhance the warm, inviting feel he wanted for his new home.