When you’ve worked with a client for over two decades, they’ve not only become like family, there’s a comfort level of trust between the client and the designer. We were honored they turned to us again to be a part of this 3 year condo/build project that started a year before it ever broke ground. We knew this was going to be a special project. One that would provide them with many years of enjoyment.

Planning, as always, was key to the success of this project. We measured and inventoried all the things they wanted to take with them from the home they raised their family in. Mirrors, lamps, sofas, coffee table, and artwork where all designed into their new stylish, modern, home in the sky. We kept the color palette neutral so it wouldn’t compete with their colorful, diverse art collection. We wanted to give them a space that was interesting, but wouldn’t steal the show from their collections. Blacks, whites, brushed brass, and blond matte-finished woods kept their spaces fresh and modern.

Critical to any open floor plan is lighting. Not only does a light fixture help define a space within a space, it helps tell the room’s story and gives that little bit of air space it’s own personality. We designed in eight hanging light fixtures each with its own unique character. After all, they’re hanging out (pun intended) with a pretty unique crowd.

The outdoor space provides the perfect spot to hang out and relax. We gave them natural teak furniture that blended perfectly with the interior’s natural wood floors. The cushions were made of black, textured linen performance fabrics. The darker color was important to hide dirt and spills. They didn’t want to consume their time cleaning, preferring to spend their time with family instead. The view of the bay, downtown skyline, and tree tops just off their balcony gives them something visually interesting to gaze at, as well as, the custom 60″ x 96″ outdoor art piece that was made for them.

This open floor-planned space became the perfect place to transition to after years of raising a family, keeping the yard, and then, maintaining a bunch of unused space.