This fun & quirky space was just waiting for a Tweak! The home was built in 1939 so naturally it poses some challenges in regards to laying out furniture. The front door sits smack dab in the middle of the room, dividing the space in two. This family of five needed a larger living room and couldn’t figure out how to balance the space. We created lines for the eye to follow that would open this home up and really showcase the amazing African artifacts hidden throughout. The husband is an avid collector of Sub-Saharan art and we used his passion as inspiration for the decor. A historic home and ancient artifacts? We needed to throw in a modern twist to get this home up-to-date. We incorporated pops of color and fun, bold prints to bring out the home’s wild side. A hounds-tooth rug and new display case did just the trick. The wife prefers mid-century modern decor so we incorporated a fun lamp and these awesome lounge chairs from Houzz to incorporate her style into the space.