A kitchen remodel two years prior prompted the call for a full house Tweak. Our spaces didn’t feel like they flowed well after the remodel, said the homeowners. Part of the Tweak process is about recognizing when things are working and editing them out when they’re not. In this case, the openness of the couple’s floor plan didn’t work to their favor. There were white tile floors in some areas, and yellow maple floors in others. When there was lighting, it was mismatched and not enough of it. Noticing there were several different design styles present was an indication they were trying new things to see what could work with their new kitchen. Unfortunately, or fortunately, there was a big glaring decision to be made. Do we tear out all the existing floors and install new continuous floors throughout? This would go a long way in giving them the unified and updated spaces they were desiring? But that wasn’t the real challenge. Convincing the homeowners to allow for a Tweak of the fireplace in the family room that had received its own face-lift during the kitchen remodel, was a tough decision. See how it all came together using most of their existing furniture and some carefully selected new things. Thankfully, this savvy couple opted for new wood floors throughout and allowed for a mid-century modern re-design of the fireplace along with their Tweak!