During the design consultation for this busy nurse, we learned that she wanted her family’s heirlooms and artifacts stylishly incorporated into her two story loft. She told us, “I really don’t have a design style.” The only thing she knew for sure was that her keepsakes of paintings, musical instruments, and etchings had to be the focus. Oh, and she loved plants too! Immediately, a bohemian design style – a bright, patterned, multi-cultural melange of memorable layers and elements creating rich and heady spaces full of visual interest and a relaxed spirit – became our inspiration and fit her to a T.  After coming upon a collection of black and white brass rubbings she had rolled up in storage tubes, they became our inspiration for her black and white, open loft, upstairs bedroom. Downstairs became a burst of color and texture! The pops of orange and teal, with a variety of rattan and natural fiber elements, and, of course, plants, came together to create a full sensory experience of sight and touch. Needing a spot for overnight guests, we turned a barely-used dining nook into a sleeping berth that also doubles as place to read or take a nap.