The Tweak Story

Tampa Interior Decorator Debbie Perez

Hi! I’m Debbie Perez, creator of Tweak Your Space.

Tweak Your Space is the culmination of a lifetime spent beautifying the spaces around me. When I was a little girl, a heart condition kept me in and out of hospitals for the first 6 years of my life. I watched my mother transform those cold, uninviting hospital rooms into warm, comfortable environments. All it took was a few personal touches in just the right places. She taught me that it’s our environment that sets the tone for our lives. Just a simple change can drastically alter how we feel about ourselves and how we approach life. As I became aware of how important it is to have an oasis, a place where we can completely feel at ease, I was hooked and knew I had to share this knowledge with the world!

I’m obsessed with creating balanced, aesthetically pleasing spaces everywhere I go. Hotels, department stores, waiting rooms – it’s in my DNA! Just ask my husband who’s had to sit through many of these Tweaks.

It started in 1990 with a career in real estate. It was a natural fit. I’d Tweak my listings so they’d appeal to a wider audience, sell faster, and for more money than my competitors. This led me to Tweaking the Seller’s new homes too. I’d reimagine their existing furnishings into something fresh and current to fit their new home seamlessly.

While I loved helping buyers and sellers’ transition from their old to new homes as a realtor, by far my favorite part was using my Tweaking skills to create happy spaces that people loved.

In 1998, I left real estate and began my decorating career with the formation of Peridot Decorators, Inc. When I started Peridot the focus was on traditional decorating processes that required more significant budgets.

Then, the recession hit in 2008, and I noticed a significant drop in projects. It troubled me to see all the distress created by the uncertainty of our financial futures – my family included. How could this be! Surrounding ourselves with spaces that nurture, empower, and recharge us is most important in times of stress.

Peridot started doing business as Tweak Your Space in 2008 with one goal, to help others live happy lives in spaces that allow them to feel their best and most at ease. A place where they can recharge their souls. I believe the ability to do this shouldn’t suffer because of an economic downturn. In fact, the more stress there is in your world the more important the need for a living space that nourishes and enhances your life.

Since 2008 Tweak Your Space has been transforming spaces and lives through the spaces we Tweak. I invite you to click over to our Before and After page and explore some the many and diverse spaces we’ve transformed. I also invite you to read What People Are Saying about their Tweak experience!

And you? Are you ready for a fresh new look that will nourish your life and the lives of your family?

Debbie Perez