“It’s been some years since we’ve updated,” said the homeowners. “When we like something, we keep it for a long time.”  So… it was really important to give this family of five spaces that could grow with them and stylistically transcend decades. Well, at least a few decades.

First, we started by getting rid of the brown faux-finished walls and ceilings. The walls were painted a timeless off-white color (Neutral Ground by Sherwin Williams) and the ceilings a crisp white. This instantly brought their spaces into the 21st century.

Every space received new lighting, furniture, and accessories. The goal was to use a single, neutral color for all the upholstery and draperies. Choosing clean lines that would blend well with just about any design style they choose would help keep their spaces updateable for years to come. Adding texture was another key element for keeping their spaces interesting. We did this by using natural woven elements in rugs, baskets, and “rope” lighting details.

Family Room: This space was the most important space to transform for the family. Before, the family used to sit with their backs to each other as they watched TV due to the unusual layout of the space. By giving them an L-shaped sectional sofa and two swivel chairs, we created the ideal conversational setting. Now, they no longer have to move furniture around to watch TV.

Breakfast Nook: A 60″ black, rustic, turned pedestal table with five classic, linen slipcovered parsons chairs were set on an 8′ jute, round rug. A handwoven, 32″ cotton, rope orb pendant was the perfect compliment to the rounded breakfast nook. Classic, coordinating, custom linen-style drapes with black iron rods further accentuated the curved walls beautifully.

Kitchen: Subtly-textured, glass pendants were hung from twisted jute rope to illuminate the kitchen island. The range hood received a Tweak when we covered its stucco finish with black steel. Notice all the black accents sprinkled around that helped to tie all three areas together by telling the same color story.

Children’s Spaces: We believe it’s our environments that set the tone for our lives. We felt, and so did the parents, that it was important for all three children to get involved in creating their own idea books for us to design from. It’s important at a young age to design spaces children can identify with as their own. We loved hearing the day after the Tweak that one of the children announced they loved their room so much they wouldn’t have to be asked to keep their room clean anymore. What a nice compliment! We’ll take it!