Terms & Conditions

OUR COMMITMENT: If for any reason you’re not happy with the placement of your things, we’ll put them back in their original place. No questions asked and at no charge to you.

PRICING: All flat fees are on a per room basis.

DEPOSITS: A 50% deposit is due at the time the tweak contract is signed.

PURCHASES: An upfront 50% deposit is due on all items to be purchased. An additional payment of 25% of the total contract balance is due at the time of order placement, with the balance due in full plus any add-ons on the day the item/items are delivered to the home (Tweak Day). Shipping and delivery charges may apply and are in addition to the cost of the item purchased. All purchases are billed at cost + 20%, including shipping and handling fees.


  • If a tweak contract is terminated within 3 days of signing, Customer will be entitled to a complete refund of any deposit paid, less a $500 termination fee.
  • If contract is terminated after three days, but within two weeks of signing, Customer will be entitled to a complete refund of any deposit for decorating services paid, less a $1,000 termination fee.
  • If a tweak contract is terminated more than two weeks after signing, Customer will be responsible for the actual time TYS has devoted to the Customer’s project at the rate of $200/hr., or the entire deposit for decorating services, whichever is greater.
  • If a tweak contract is terminated, regardless of when the termination takes place, Customer will be responsible for any costs associated with the return of items purchased, including the cost of any nonreturnable items, for the tweak under the terms set out in the sections titled RETURNS and RETURN ELIGIBILITY, below.
  • Notice of termination by a Customer must be received in writing to be effective.

RETURNS: Non custom items may be returned, at the latest, within (3) days from the date of your tweak installation. Return requests must be made in writing. No returns will be accepted after the three-day time period. Items that have been damaged or soiled may not be returned, See Return Eligibility below. For each returned item customer will be entitled to a refund of the full cost of the item (including any sales tax) less any return shipping and handling costs and a 20% service fee to Tweak Your Space to cover the return process and any applicable restocking fees from vendors . Please note: original shipping charges are non-refundable. You can expect a refund check within 7-10 business days once the item has been received and inspected by the vendor.

RETURN ELIGIBILITY: Items must be in new, undamaged, and unsoiled condition to be eligible for a refund. The following items cannot be returned:

  • Personalized Items
  • Custom-made “Non-Returnable” Items
  • Monogrammed Items
  • Items that have been damaged after installation
  • Items that are soiled, stained, or have pet or other smells

WARRANTIES: Purchaser’s sole warranties for any items purchased are those provided by the manufacturer. Purchaser’s sole warranties for any work done by third parties are those provided by the third party.

CUSTOM ORDERS: Custom orders require a 50% deposit. Custom orders/items are custom-made upon order and are non-cancellable and non-refundable with the exception of manufacturer defects or items received in a damaged condition. In the event of the termination of this agreement at any time prior to Tweak installation customer shall remain liable for the balances due on any custom items.

DEFECTIVE ITEMS: Defective items will be exchanged unless no longer available. If no longer available, you can expect a refund check within 7-10 business days for the full purchase price plus sales tax.

REFUNDS: You can expect a refund check within 7-10 business days once the item is received and inspected by the vendor. Refunds are calculated by refunding the full original purchase price plus sales tax, minus a 20% service fee, the cost of return shipping, if any, and fees for the pickup and re-packaging of the item for return delivery to the vendor.

NO PRICE GUARANTEE: Vendor pricing is subject to change and out of the control of Tweak Your Space. Tweak Your Space cannot guarantee prices of merchandise, interior installation, or other services not performed by Tweak Your Space.

RECEIPTS: A copy of your original receipt will be provided upon written request and emailed to the address provided to us on your Tweak Agreement.

CHANGE ORDERS: A change order is work that is added to or deleted from the original scope of work of a contract. Depending on the magnitude of the Change, it may or may not alter the original contract amount. A change order may create a new project agreement to handle significant changes to the current project.

ADD-ONS: Any additional work, including additions of furniture and/or accessories after the day of your Tweak will be billed at an hourly rate of $200.00 for any time, sourcing, purchasing, delivery, and installation. All other terms and conditions still apply.

HOME ACCESS: The day of your Tweak, we will need access to your home. Please be prepared to discuss comfortable options for gaining access if you are not available to let us in.

CONDITION OF HOME ON DAY OF TWEAK: On the day of your tweak we will be working diligently to transform your space. So that we may devote our full attention to the transformation of your home, Customer agrees that Customer’s home will be “tweak-ready” on the day of the tweak. “Tweak-ready” means the home will be left in a clean and orderly condition, all pets will be secured in an area where we will not be working or removed from the home, alarm systems will be off, and air conditioning/heating systems will be operating. In the event the home is not “tweak-ready”, an additional fee of $500 will be charged.

DELIVERY & SETUP: Contract does not include delivery and setup charges that may be incurred on the day of your tweak. This fee will be added to your total and due the day of your Tweak. Delivery and setup charges are made at cost + 20%.

TWEAK DAY INSTALLATION: Your Tweak Agreement Fee includes one installation date. If you request that your Tweak be divided into multiple installations days, there will be an additional fee, plus any delivery and setup charges charged by delivery company on each installation day.

PAYMENTS: We accept cash, checks and ACH bank transfers. There will be a bounced check fee charged in the amount of $25.00 per bounced check.

LATE FEES: Late fees in the amount of 1.5% per month shall be assessed on balances more than 30 days overdue.

AUTHORIZATIONS: Your signature on the Tweak Agreement grants Tweak Your Space permission to place a sign in your yard during the Tweak process. It will be promptly removed before we depart your home. Your signature also authorizes to use photographs or videos of project during all stages of Tweak Services including when project is complete. Photographs will be used for business purposes, including, but not limited to: website, press, publications, online, social media, marketing, advertising, and print. Costs of photographs and publicity are the responsibility of Tweak Your Space. Additionally, if Client or Client’s agents document the Project, Tweak Your Space shall be given credit as the designers if documentation is released publicly.

BREACH OF CONTRACT: In the event of a breach of this agreement the prevailing party shall be entitled to legal fees, collection costs, and litigation costs through appeal.