Penny had everything she needed for a fully functioning living, dining and kitchen, but something was missing. She had been purchasing things she loved and enjoyed doing the decorating herself, but she couldn’t figure out how to pull it all together. That’s when she called TYS. Thankfully, she did all the right things. She made purchases within a strict color palette using varying shades of light grays. This left us room to add that next layer of coziness and personality that helps to create a space that feels complete. Working as a tag-team, it was our turn to take over where she left off as she anxiously waited for the day of her Tweak. The turning point for this space was giving it a new “caddy-corner” furniture layout that filled the space making if feel cozy and intimate. Also, by adding six new light fixtures helped to create another layer of detail that was missing. Lastly, re-positioning the kitchen island from under the window to the center of the kitchen made all the difference in the world, bringing her Tweak to a full and complete finish.