Before and After: Master Bedroom Tweak Ideas

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 9 Great Ways to Kick-Start A Master Bedroom Update

The master bedroom tends to be the last room many think about when redecorating since very few people tend to see this space. But that doesn’t mean it should be forgotten. The master bedroom is a really important space. It’s your sanctuary. The space where you spend hours sleeping and rejuvenating for the next day. The bedroom is the most intimate reflection of you.

Check out these Before-and-After pics for ideas that just might inspire you to take on a master bedroom Tweak of your own!

1. Cool Colors are Calming

Master Bedroom

Before master bedroom

This may not sound logical, but warm colors are stimulating and cool colors are calming. Our intellect craves a cooler atmosphere. The change in temperature from warm creamy whites to cool blues and grays, was the motivating factor for this master bedroom makeover.

What we did: The walls were painted Pussywillow (SW7643) by Sherwin Williams. Additionally, we moved the art that was previously over the bed to the space between the windows. Then, adding a new, contemporary art piece beside the bed helped to merge the old with the new. Their existing bench received an update with the same velvet fabric used for the chair and ottoman. In addition to all that, the room received new carpeting and a new Antique Brass Orb Chandelier to replace the white basic ceiling fan (not pictured). Furniture, drapes, and bedding are from Restoration Hardware. 

2. Pull the Room Together with Details

Master Bedroom Tweaked

Master Bedroom Before

Furniture isn’t the only thing that matters when designing your new bedroom. Decorative details instantly add personality to any space.

What we did: To make the wall at the head of the bed more of a feature, we painted all other walls Snowbound (SW7004) by Sherwin Williams. This served to draw further attention to the existing wallpaper. We replaced the ceiling fan with a Drum Chandelier and the existing shag rug with a new Wool Gray Rug. The existing nightstands that came with the bed were too small, so, we replaced them with 43″ TV Stands with open shelves. As a result, we gave them more storage space, while the larger size helped fill the wall space on both sides of the bed. Mirrors, art, bedding, drapes, and lamps are some of the other details we added to the space.

3. Rethink Your Layout

Master Bedroom

The way you organize your furniture can make a big difference in how functional your space is. Rearranging furniture can give your interior a fresh look without having to spend a dime.

What we did: Re-orientating the bed to the adjacent wall gave us an opportunity to present the bed as the first thing you see as you enter the room. If you’re incorporating Feng Shui principles, it’s best if your bed does not line up directly with the doorway. We placed our bed in the “command” position. That means you can see the door while lying in bed, but it’s not in a direct line with the doorway. If you don’t have a wall without windows, try placing the bed in front of a window, but make sure your bed has a headboard. We replaced the smaller, unmatched nightstands (not pictured) with larger matching Chests.

4. Consider Eclectic Design

Master Bedroom

Before Picture

An eclectic style is a great way to bring different looks together in one space. Consider selecting one or more favorite pieces of furniture and then design around them. If you’re worried about pulling this task off in a way that works, there’s no need to worry. Below are some tips to help guide you through the process.

  1. An important element for an eclectic look is to keep the background neutral – like the white walls (pictured). Gray, black, and tan are other examples. Wood, stone, and natural fibers all visually register as neutral elements. Consider using them in your flooring and decorative items like the stone floors and the sea-grass rug (pictured).
  2. Balance and symmetry are important principles to ensure your configuration is pleasing to the eye. Try to work at least one pattern, like the pair of matching nightstands, reading lamps, and three gray pillows (pictured), into your design project.
  3. It’s critical to maintain a common thread throughout the space. Since most of the pieces won’t match, color is a great way to do this. You’ll want to choose a color, we chose gray, that can be repeated throughout multiple areas in the room. Think about using it in your textiles, wall art, and other accessories. If possible, try to find the color in a variety of prints and patterns. This will help you stay true to your eclectic mix, while subtly pulling the room together.
  4. A statement piece, whether it’s a piece of furniture or a work of art, is a great way to make your eclectic space shine. Make it big, make it bold. This is the piece you want to really pop. To use the statement piece correctly, make it the focal point of the room like we did with the piece of driftwood over the bed.

Here’s where to find the new items used in this space: Industrial Bench, Chests, Orb Chandelier, Lamps, Bedding, and Round Mirror.

5. It’s Time for a Breakup

Before Bedroom

I like to say, “If you want something different, you have to do something different.” For me, that means no more matching furniture sets. Sure, you want a cohesive look, but I think that’s better accomplished through mixing and matching the right pieces to keep things from becoming a snooze-fest. Of course, snoozing isn’t a bad thing. After all, we’re talking about the bedroom. A breakup can be a difficult thing. After all, you’ve invested good money in these pieces. Why not give each piece new life by re-purposing it in other parts of your home.

What we did: Here again, we replaced the matching nightstands with larger Industrial Re-Claimed Wood Style Chests.  To keep things different, we added a task lamp to one side of the bed and a table lamp to the other. A One-of-a-Kind Hand Knotted Gray and Blue Rug was added. The new Custom-Made Triptych to the left of the bed filled the wall nicely. By comparison, had we used a piece of furniture on the wall it would have made the room feel crowded. We re-purposed the homeowner’s existing bedding and added a new throw to the bed.

6. Re-Purpose What you Have

Whether you’re trying to save a little money or you just don’t have the time to commit to another project, sometimes you need to figure out how to incorporate your existing furniture into a fresh, new look. Not only does re-purposing the items you already have save you money, it can also give you a one-of-a-kind look.

What we did: Editing and swapping furniture and accessories from other rooms did the trick. For example, we added two warm, brown stools from another room to the end of the bed. Placed the desk from across the room beside the bed and paired it with a wicker chair from the kitchen. Found two linen, lumbar pillows and a bed skirt in a closet and added them to the bed. Lastly, we layered a larger rug under the existing zebra rug and moved both further into the center of the room. Now the room feels fuller and balanced – not like everything is all on one side of the room.

7. A Feature Wall in Your Bedroom

Feature wall in master bedroom.

Before feature wall.The wall behind your headboard is the ideal spot for a feature wall to up your game in the bedroom! Add a modern rustic look with a wood clad wall. It’s a great way to infuse warmth, depth, texture, and interest to your space. The impact is strong, adding a rustic sophistication to most any design scheme. The natural patina of wood is very calming.

What we did: Installed 100-year-old barn wood on the wall. Added two new orb chandeliers, a new rug,  bed, and bedding.

8. Keep the Basics

After Master Bedroom Makeover

Before Master Bedroom TweakWith the addition of new wood floors, the homeowners felt it was time for a new look. They love their dark wood furniture and wanted to update their master bedroom using their existing furniture.

What we did: We removed the heavy window coverings leaving the existing plantation shutters resulting in a simple, clean look. Then, painted the walls Modern Gray (SW7632) by Sherwin Williams.

Check out the idea-board below to see the new items added to this space and where to get them:  Bedding, Pillows, Rug, Bench and Overhead Lighting.

Master Bedroom Details

9. Use Scale and Proportion

Master Bedroom

Scale and Proportion, in addition to balance and symmetry, a concept we touched on above, are critical, key components for a beautiful space. Scale and Proportion refer to visual size – how your furnishings look next to one another and how they fit into your space. It’s more about your eye and the feeling of a harmonious space.

What we did: We added larger, matching Lamps to the nightstands, three Framed Art  pieces over the bed, and an Oversized Bed Throw to the foot of the bed. These elements added visual weight or “size” to the space giving it a feeling of balance and completeness.


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