Best Home Office Desk Ideas

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Our 6 Favorite Home Office Desks

While it’s important that your space be a pleasing one to spend time in, a desk is intensely personal. With more and more people working from home, having an office area that is pleasing to the eye is a good way to reduce stress and inspire creativity. The 6 desks below were hand-picked to help you get your creative juices flowing when deciding what desk is best for you. They run the gamut from built-in and freestanding, to corner, sit-to-stand, shared, and re-purposed. There’s a little bit of everything here to help spark your imagination and create an office space that represents you and your distinctive personality. 

Best Home Office Desk

1. Re-purpose a Dining Table

Molecule Dining Table

Think outside the box when it comes to finding an original desk to compliment your office space. We chose this Molecule Dining Table from houzz to modernize this home office and add a pop of the unexpected. Paring this 72″ dining table with the existing built-ins with brass accents gave this space an instant sophisticated update! Tip: Off-center the top of the table from the base so there is enough leg space for you and your desk chair.

Best Home Office Desk

 2. Corner Desks When Sharing Space

When sharing a space it’s nice to have your own desk to organize your things and use as you see fit. Use your wall space from corner to corner to give each of you more room to spread out and claim your corner.  These (2) Corner Desks from Ballard Designs positioned side-by-side fit the bill perfectly! We pared them with a matching 50″ Credenza, and separated the credenza from the desks with a vintage-style cabinet that doubles as a printer stand and stores everything you need to have on hand – paper, ink, stapler, etc. The cowhide executive chairs, zinc tops, and reclaimed wood wall covering gave this space its distinctive personality.

Best Home Office Desk

3. Flexible Corner Desk

 The Pilsen Graphite Corner Desk from Crate&Barrel  gives you the flexibility to adjust to different room layouts by letting you position the shorter side to the right or left. We love its industrial mix of glass and steel with modern angles, clean lines, and minimalist detail. This desk is neutral enough to hang out in any space and not steal the show so you can let your personality shine in other areas. Arrange multiples in a U shape for even more work-space and surface area.

Best Home Office Desk

4. Bar Height Desk

Brooklyn High Top Bistro Table
One of the main reasons sit-to-stand desks are so popular is that they give you the best of both worlds. You get the greatest benefit if you alternate between sitting and standing throughout the workday. With a sit to stand desk, you can easily make the transition in moments. So, we turned to former art teacher turned designer of hand-crafted reclaimed wood furniture to find our version of a sit-to-stand desk.  The 48″ L x 30” W x 42” H Brooklyn Bistro Bar Table from Urban Wood Goods fit in perfectly with our client’s eclectic collections of musical instruments, books, vintage telephones, and suitcases. The natural wood top with simple steel legs camouflages right in, letting the rest of her things be the focal point of the space.
Best Home Office Desk

5. Practically Invisible Desk

Mitzi Glass Desk Shell
The Mitzi Glass Shell Desk from Joss&Main may be clear, but it takes center stage in any space. What we love about this desk is it literally goes with everything! It’s so invisible you can appreciate every detail in a space. It won’t fight with your design style. How could it; you can barely see it – and that’s a good thing! If you like a tidy office, this desk is for you. It’s our dirty little secret to help keep the desk free from clutter. Seriously, what’s relaxing about stacks of papers, unopened mail, half-full water bottles, and post-it-notes all over the place? This desk is beautiful just like it is!
Best Home Office Desk

6. Customizable Office Solutions

 If you haven’t discovered The Container Store for anything and everything you need to organize your life – well, let’s just say there’s a whole gadget world out there waiting for you to discover it. Whether you need 1, 2, or 3 desks, we chose the White Elfa Decor Office as one of our favorite go-to’s. Every product is fully customizable, movable, removable, and changeable. This is why we love using adjustable office solutions for growing families. There’s plenty of flexibility for growth and change. Clients love when they can both work from home in one organized space. When the kids are old enough, it easily adjusts to the perfect height for homework stations. The beautiful white finish on the Elfa Décor elements keeps your space looking bright and clean.

Happy Tweaking!

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