Shopping in New Orleans!

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Bevolo Authentic Gas Lighting

Everywhere you look in New Orleans you will find beauty & culture.

My husband and I took a trip over the weekend and what a weekend it was!

Bevolo makes authentic gas lighting.  Had to check it out while I was there!


Kitties in French Quarter



Look at this house! I fell for the sunny, all-American look.



Speaking of all-American, doesn’t this photo just embody the U. S. of A?

I love the rustic, industrial look.  The light fixtures were, to put it simply, cool.

This is the inside of Bevolo, where they make authentic gas lighting.

We caught some awesome music, ate great food, and spent time laughing with friends.


Antiques de Provence, LLC

But the best part of the trip, for me, was the shopping.

So many wonderful treasures and beautiful furniture pieces to find.

This photo was taken at Antiques de Provence on Royal Street in the French Quarter.

Go check it out!

Will be returning very soon 😉