My Trip to Georgetown!

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“Mommy, don’t leave!”

My husband, Fernando, and I headed to Georgetown for his college reunion.

I always enjoying taking little weekend trips with him because I get the chance to see some amazing architecture and interesting shops in every city we visit!

I don’t think Rex was as excited to see us go.


How cool is this!



Pie Sisters Bakery

First stop landed us at Pie Sisters Bakery, where I fell in love with this cute wall clock.

I had to snap a photo!  It’s got a bold Parisian feel.

This pie shoppe is a must see.




Almost looks like a flower!

You guys…… this bar!

It’s incredible.

The entire bar is made out of Whiskey bottles!  You can find this at The Watergate Hotel in D.C.

I was amazed at what I saw.  Plus, how cool are the arm chairs?  Great styling!



Georgetown Cathedral

This photo has seen zero editing!!  The colors are amazing.

Fernando and I were amazed.



Again, zero editing!

I will forever be in awe of great architecture & design.



Pie, whiskey, friends, and design inspiration.  I’d say, it was a pretty successful trip.