Live Your Passion

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 Passion as a way of being in your spaces!

Susanna Newsonen, MAPP, author of The Path to Passionate Happiness, introduces us to the concept of seeing passion not as a way of life, but as ‘the passionate way of being’. She goes on to say this passionate way of being fuels our positive emotions and happiness. It leads to feeling energized, so we’re not only investing energy into activities, but actually gaining it back as we do them. It also leads to a sense of freedom, in which we feel like we have no boundaries or limitations, and can remain flexible throughout the choices in our lives, allowing us to spot new opportunities.

Doesn’t that sound like a fantastic prescription for our own spaces? What if we created spaces around the things we’re passionate about? That means living a life authentic to us and creating the positive impact we want to create through our spaces, no matter what the trends are or what others think. Hmm…

See how we accomplished just that for this homeowner!

Live Your Passion

Your spaces should be a reflection of you!

How to get started?

The first thing we should ask ourselves is, “What makes us happy?” Dream big! Don’t be afraid to go outside the box. Great design has a positive impact on our lives. Happy spaces motivate us to be our best, but they also help us feel our best.

Can you spot the passion?

Before, left, if someone has a vintage road bike in their dining space, there’s a good chance they’re passionate about cycling.


How to make this part of your design?

Live Your Passion

Live Your Passion

Make wall art! After hanging the bike vertically, it needed a little something extra to make it look like art, instead of just a clever way to store a bike. Adding a poster from All Posters did the trick!

Life Your Passion

After, above, instead of using a lot of square-edged accessories, selecting round objects like the coffee table, light fixture, stools, and wall clock played well with the round wheels on the vintage road bike. These accessories also spoke to the rounded archway leading to other parts of the home.

Before, left, this space could have been anyone’s family room. It didn’t tell us anything about the person(s) that live there. Until… PASSION gave us the motivating design element – CYCLING!

After, below, keeping the existing chair and ottoman, and adding a new sectional, rug, coffee table, and light fixture, was the perfect setting to add an over-sized bicycle seat triptych from Great BIG Canvas.

Live Your Passion

Passion in the Bedroom…

Live Your PassionNow wait a minute, there’s passion, then – well, there’s passion! Let’s leave it at that.  Working with the existing bed, night stands, and lamps, we added a new rug, light fixture, and bicycle wheel clock.

So how do you pursue this passionate way of being?

Research suggested there are five key driving forces to living your whole life with passion.

  1. Live life according to your values and beliefs. When you live a life that’s true to you, that fire inside you will only grow and you will be able to make time for the activities that are most important to you.
  2. Think about the positive impact you want to create. When you have a clear idea of the kind of difference you want to make, you approach activities with a focused mind that encourages you to develop a sense of purpose.
  3. Always make an effort to learn and grow, in whatever you do. Learning and growth alone have been associated with fulfillment and happiness, and research has also suggested this link to passion. When you challenge yourself to keep improving and expanding your knowledge and skills, you’ll find more excitement and light up the passion within you.
  4. Connect with like-minded people. Find your tribe and together you’ll encourage, motivate, and inspire each other towards your respective dreams. Together you’ll set each other off like sparks and help each other keep that fire going strong.
  5. Put your natural skills to use in different ways. This also introduces the tie between strengths and passion, suggesting that using your strengths across your life in different activities will help you live a more passionate, happier life.

Susanna sums this all up perfectly, “Pursue learning and growth like never before, and you’ll never have a boring day. Find your tribe and let them keep your energy high, while believing in your strengths and putting them to use in different ways.”

“This is the key to passion! You don’t need to find and follow one passion, but choose to live your whole life with it. Choose to pursue the passionate way of being.”

Happy Tweaking!

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