4 Innovative Ways to Decorate That Spot Above Your Fridge

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You know what spot I’m talking about. That awkward spot above the fridge that none of my clients can stand. I have clients tell me all the time how much they dislike that section above their refrigerator. So today, let’s talk about how to Tweak it! We have come up with four sophisticated ways to swap that eye-sore for a to-die-for decoration.

1. Use Copper Pots

Urban Loft – Tweak Your Space

The Lanai House – Tweak Your Space

The reason this item works so well as decor is because it’s functional! Functionality is a great asset in a kitchen. And if it happens to look pretty? Then, it’s a win-win. I used copper pots in my loft and also to adorn the cabinets of The Lanai House kitchen. In those cabinets, we placed copper-toned, gray-toned, and white pottery all throughout and tossed in some gold accents we found around the house. We also used books and packing materials to give the items a little lift!

Andi’s Kitchen

You can also use silver pots instead of copper. If you have a ton of space you’re trying to fill, I recommend the tri-color approach. Pick your pot, copper or silver, then break up the color by adding in two more tones (i.e: white, black, gold, etc.) This will help to balance the color out and give a fuller look.


2. Get Some Storage Baskets

Ashley’s Nest

I love wicker baskets. I use them often. They are great for storage and add a nice, organic vibe to a space. If wicker isn’t your thing, try metal baskets. I have a few sitting around my loft that I use to store Christmas decor. Try using baskets above your fridge to store cookbooks or even place settings!



3. Display Cook Books

Design Sponge

We at TYS love to use books as accessories. Find some good books that go with your kitchen color scheme (you don’t want a bullseye) and stick them above your fridge. They will add color and a homey quality.


4. Shop In Your Home

Debbie Perez Tampa Interior Designer

Find your favorite items! Find those items that just make you happy looking at them. Have fun with it! Do what feels good.




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