5 Ways to Modernize Any Room in Your Home

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5 Ways to Modernize Any Space

Just like our wardrobes, our spaces need a refresh every now and then. We hope you’ll be inspired to try your hand at tweaking using these five simple techniques to modernize your own look!

1. Modernize by Removing Curtains

Modernize Your Space - Before and After

Hold on… hear me out. Removing your curtains is a trend that’s not going to be falling out of fashion anytime soon, and for good reason. As a “tweaker”, we love sharing how easily you can modernize your look just by letting the greatest amount of natural light penetrate a space.

If you need a little convincing, here are our top 5 reasons for going undressed, ahem… the windows that is!

  1.  So you can enjoy a beautiful view – we call this “Living Art”
  2.  Because natural sunlight is good for your health and mood
  3.  When privacy isn’t an issue
  4.  So pets won’t turn them into their homes… or…their potty
  5.  Because brighter spaces feel BIGGER  (See what Laura Fenton has to say on this topic in This Controversial Decorating Move Will Make Your Living Room Instantly Feel Bigger and Brighter | apartment therapy | May 8, 2020)

2. Modernize with Patterns

Adding pattern boosts the energy in a space and adds interest and drama. Without patterns, spaces can feel bland, flat, and plain ole boring. If you feel comfortable, try mixing patterns like we did with this custom made rug and pillows for the sofa. The trick to mixing and matching patterns is to choose patterns that fall within the color palette. (Check out Tara Mastroeni’s views on this technique in Why Every Room Needs a Dose of Pattern | My Move | Nov. 20, 2020.

3. Modernize with a Touch of Mid-Century Modern

Here at Tweak Your Space we’re always mixing up design styles depending upon what you already have to work with. Mixing traditional style furniture with vintage style furnishings, like these mid-century modern chairs, is a fresh take on mixing and matching decor styles to make a space feel less stuffy, yet still modernized. It’s all in the planning and a good idea to know what you’re trying to achieve. (See Lauren Flanagan’s take on this in How to Mix Antique and Modern Decor Styles | the spruce | Oct. 17, 2019.)

4. Every Space Should Have a Little Black

Especially the neutral ones! Our space already a had a touch of black with its Regency style armchairs, so we added a touch more with two black lamps, and in choosing a black pattern for the new rug and sofa pillows. Black added the perfect amount of drama, contrast, and sophistication to this space. (We couldn’t agree more with Leah Moss’ take on this in Every Room Needs A Little Black | apartment therapy | Feb. 25, 2010.)

5. Lighten & Brighten

5 Ways to Modernize Any Room in Your Home

Even though we’ve removed the curtains in this space, there are other tricks we used to give this space a lighter and brighter feel.

Below are 5 techniques we used that you can use as well to lighten and brighten your spaces without having to get rid of your curtains.

  1. Embrace white walls – we painted the walls Simply White (OC-117) by Benjamin Moore to further draw in the light
  2. Don’t over do it with wall art and accessories
  3. Use Mirrors to bounce light around
  4. Cover floors with light colored area rugs
  5. Take advantage of natural light by making sure to keep your windows sparkling clean


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