Decorating with Pets Made Simple

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We Love our Pets | Coexisting in Pet Harmony

Simple, stylish, affordable ways to incorporate everyday pet essentials into our spaces.

Decorating with Pets Made Simple

Pets! Living with four-legged family members can at times feel like they’re taking over our homes. If you’re like me, living in aesthetically pleasing spaces are important for our happiness. Well-organized, beautiful spaces give us peace!

I’m going to be honest. I’m one of those people who for years believed I could have pets with spaces void of their paraphernalia. Hogwash! There are certain pet essentials that must be out and about to make their lives work as well as our own. It’s a simple fact, their happiness, contributes to our happiness.

Fortunately, with a little thought, some savvy shopping, and some guidelines, living with pet essentials, like scratching posts, toys, and pet beds, can look purposeful, stylish, and add charm and character to any space.

4 Simple Tips to Finding Pet Harmony & Style

Decorating with Pets Made Simple

Tip #1: Keep it real. Starting with, what happens when we’re out of the house is completely out of our control, or is it? Cats and dogs, not unlike humans, are creatures of habit and tend to enjoy predictability and routines. So, create some for your pet. Just make sure it’s a routine you can live with.

Tip #2: Anticipate the inevitable. Yep, when you’re not home, your dog or cat will more than likely lay on the sofa or find their favorite perch. So give your pets a designated spot that’s all their own.

I opted for a pet bed on the sofa. That’s Bunji’s favorite spot to get rubs and share a nap with Rex. I like it because it keeps pet hair contained, its easy to wash, stows quickly when guests come over, was less than $25, and, most importantly, it doesn’t detract from the aesthetic of the room. Bonus! Ixnay the embarrassing hair on my derriere! A stylish “sofa” dog bed is another great option if you have the room.

My cat, Rex, prefers to get up off the ground when he needs a break from Bunji, so he has his own cat condo with built-in scratching pole. For some cleverly stylish cat condos, check these out.

Tip #3: Keep pet toys in woven baskets, cotton rope bins, or wooden crates. Pick containers to fit your design style.

Open containers work well for fast cleanups – toss them in and walk away. They’re also convenient for giving your pets the freedom to choose a toy whenever they want.

Tip 4: Keep it simple when choosing what to feed your pets in! Opt for ceramic, glass, or pottery bowls depending on your chosen design style. Easy to clean, mine go in the dishwasher, won’t rust, and can be purchased to coordinate with any color palette.

Bonus Tip: Resist the urge to use electronic devices to feed, water, or treat your pets. There is, of course, a time and place when they become necessary. However, with all the modern electronic conveniences we have plugged in today, “cord clutter” has become a huge problem to manage. Clutter causes stress!

When it comes to our pets, cords have become an attractive safety risk for them. Chewing through a cord puts them at risk for severe burns or even electrocution. They’re our pet babies. They can also strangle themselves if they become tangled in a mess of cords.

Shopping for Pet Essentials

When shopping for new items, it can be overwhelming with all the choices we have today. Don’t worry, going armed with a plan will have you shopping like a pro, and sticking to a list saves money.

  • Make a list of items you want to purchase – bowls, pet bed (floor or sofa), cat tree/condo (preferably with scratching pole), toys, container for toys, etc.
  • Ask yourself, “What design style is my home?” Modern, Contemporary, Coastal? This will help you decide which items will best suit your spaces.
  • Decide on your color palette before you leave the house and stick with it. Pick a dominant background color from your space and purchase items in that color for a subtle look (I chose gray), or pick an accent color (like yellow) for more of a statement.
  • Before you get in the checkout line, critique your shopping cart. Ask yourself, “Do the items selected complement one another?” Did I stick with the plan?” If not, get rid of those item(s) and choose again.

Below are 4 simple “idea” boards of popular design aesthetics to help you get started.

Decorating with Pets Made Simple

Here’s were to find these stylish items: Cat Tree, Dog Bed, and Pet Bowls.

Decorating with Pets Made Simple

Here’s where to find these stylish items: Dog Bed, Cat Condo, and Pet Bowls.

Decorating with Pets Made Simple


Here’s where to find these stylish items: Cat Condo, Dog Bed, and Pet Bowls.

Decorating with Pets Made Simple

Here’s where to find these stylish items: Cat Tower, Dog Beds, and Pet Bowls.

Now if we could just get them to pickup after themselves… that’s a story for another day.

As of this writing, Bunji has decided she’s done with sharing her bed with Rex. In an effort to maintain peace and harmony, I purchased the first cat bed I could find. For now, Rex is tolerating the “cutesy” cat motif, but as you can see by the picture, he’s not too happy with this idea. I know, it doesn’t match the aesthetic, which is why I’m still on the hunt for the perfect “gray” cat bed!


Rex finally has his own gray bed like Bunji. Except now, Bunji has decided that she misses Rex and sleeps on the floor next to him. Go figure!

Happy Tweaking!

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