All Aboard! – How We Turned This Dining Space Into A Sleeping Berth

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 All Aboard! Whose coming aboard the Tweak Train?

Here at Tweak Your Space we’re met with challenges everyday. And we thrive on them! Our goal is to find out from you what it is you can’t do for yourself and do it for you. We love getting to know you as part of this process! We want you to fall in love with your spaces!

The Interview

During our walk-thru and interview the client shared that she needed a place where she could work from home. She lived in a loft where space was limited. There was an open loft master bedroom upstairs and downstairs there was an open family-kitchen-dining space. The only space with a door was a bedroom at the back of the loft facing a nice garden. Hmm, what’s up with this space? Her response, it’s my catchall room. She used it to store things she loves and didn’t want to get rid of. Sound familiar? Also, this is where her father slept when he came to visit a few times a year. Are you still with me? Here are a few more fun facts – she prefers to stand rather than sit when she works or eats, and had always wanted fun, boho-style spaces. Got it!

Thankfully, she was completely ON BOARD with the Tweak concept and gave me carte blanche to do whatever I needed to do to get the job done. No questions asked. She trusted me.

The Spaces

All Aboard! -  How We Turned This Dining Space Into A Sleeping Berth

Pictured left is the room where she kept all her collectibles and a twin day bed for when her father came over. “What a waste of space?,” I thought. The wheels started turning! Chugga-chugga, choo-choo!!! Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Contemplating the idea of Louis Sullivan’s famous axiom, Form follows function, vs. Frank Lloyd Wright’s, Form and function are one… Wait, I’m getting sidetracked, I have a train to catch! To figure this out I just needed to calculate the time she spends working from home and the time she would utilize this space for guests! End of the line… this space needed to be the new office.

All Aboard! -  How We Turned This Dining Space Into A Sleeping Berth

Above is her new office. I sprinkled all the things she loves and was storing in this space throughout her loft, including her new office. And, because she doesn’t like to sit to work, Urban Wood Goods made a custom high-top desk for our “stand-up” client! Then I added a new chandelier, rug, and a chair with an ottoman to add comfort and pops of color to compliment the client’s colorful art collection. Ta-daa! Now the client has a dynamic, personally-functional office!

Where will her father sleep?

Before sleeping berth

Remembering that she eats standing at the kitchen counter I realized the 39″ deep x 8’9″ wide dining space was up for grabs. Immediately I thought, sleeping berth! Like on a train. Like you hadn’t guessed from all my corny puns.

Yup… I moved the daybed from the office to the former dining area. Then I installed new lighting, bedding, and these awesome curtains from West Elm for more privacy. The result is a cozy, quiet space to escape to for a relaxing interlude with a good book and a welcoming sleeping berth for her father when he visits. To see the full project, go to Boho Chic Loft.

All Aboard! -  How We Turned This Dining Space Into A Sleeping Berth

Want Your Own Sleeping Berth?

Here’s what we used!


Greta Faux Fur Blanket from Wayfair


Rejuvenation Adjustable Wall Sconce from West Elm


Mistana Jaidyn Woven Throw Pillow from Wayfair



Cotton Canvas Sketched Curtains from West Elm


Leila Wood Bead Pendant from Pottery Barn


Westex Urban Fringe Pillow from Wayfair


Industrial Pipe Adjustable, Rubbed Iron, from West Elm


Happy Tweaking!

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