The Tao of Tweaking

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There’s nothing stopping us from making changes today that will result in a complete transformation of our spaces and our happiness! Tweaking is “the way” to happiness!

Debbie Perez Tampa Interior Designer
Tweaking a bed

I’m passionate, some say obsessed, with creating beautiful spaces for people!


The word Tao translates as “the Way,” “the Path,” or “the way the universe works.” This definition includes the manner in which we perceive the world, how we interact with Life, and how we perceive ourselves in relation to everything around us. The Tao doesn’t prescribe a way to live, but rather suggests an “art of living.” According to the Tao, the universe is considered a vast Oneness.  Change is the only constant, and harmony the only basic principle of existence.

My Story

Tweak Your Space is the culmination of a lifetime spent beautifying the spaces around me. When I was a young girl, a heart condition kept me in and out of hospitals for the first 6 years of my life – the last place anyone wants to be. I watched my mother transform those cold, uninviting rooms into warm and comfortable environments. All it took was a few personal touches in just the right places. She taught me that it’s our environment that sets the tone for our lives. Just a simple change can drastically alter how we feel about ourselves and how we approach life. Back then, very few children with my condition survived. To this day, I believe the way she improved my environment had a great deal to do with my survival. As I became older and more aware of how important it is to have an oasis, a place where one can feel completely at ease, I became determined to share this with the world.

I Believe

Your things tell incredible stories

  • Your spaces should be a reflection of you
  • You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have beautiful spaces
  • Chandeliers are ceiling jewelry
  • Candles are meant to be lit
  • In being kind always
  • There is always a choice, so powerfully choose
  • That making a positive difference in someone’s life is the greatest gift one can give

And always…

  • Your Home should make you Happy!

“Our homes are our special place. It’s the place that sees the stages of our lives. The witness to our journey. It’s like no other place on earth – a place to recharge our soul.”


Tweaking is taking your existing furniture and accessories and rearranging them to give you a fresh, new look; it is arranging them in a way that resonates with your spirit. It’s more about your “eye” and the feeling of a harmonious space. By using the things you love, your space will always be timeless no matter the trends.


Editing and restraint are essential tools for a successful Tweak.  Using one large item is better than a bunch of smaller items. This keeps your space from looking cluttered.  Studies show that physical clutter in your surroundings compete for your attention, resulting in decreased performance and increased stress… and no one wants that! In fact, the more stress there is in your world the more important the need for a living environment that nourishes and enhances your life.

Parting thoughts…

The Tao is proposed as a guide towards self-exploration, growth, and transformation; a process that allows us to communicate with ourselves and with the world around us. I believe a person dwelling in a space that follows the Tao of Tweaking excels in themselves, becomes self-empowered, and experiences the art of happiness.

Happiness is a choice. Tweak Your Way to a Happy Space!

Happy Tweaking

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