Stuck At Home? | Decorating Tips To Help You Pass The Time

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Stuck at home with nothing to do?

Why not Tweak it! Give your space a fresh new look using things you already have?

Stuck at Home

For whatever reason, you find yourself stuck at home with nothing to do. Well, have you heard the expression, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”? Meaning, you’ve received the gift of time, so use it! Our homes should evoke a sense of calm and serenity, which can be difficult to achieve when faced with frightening headlines and a chaotic world. If that’s you, and you’re looking for something to do, I HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU!

Try these easy decorating tips to pass the time:

Stuck at Home - Decorating Tips to Pass the Time

First, a few words of advice:

  • See this as an opportunity and stay positive
  • Everything you need you already have
  • Yes, you do, trust me
  • Keep your project simple, Tweak one space at a time
  • Don’t over think it
  • Have fun
  • Be playful
  • Get inspiration here: Before & After photos
  • The beauty is, you can always change it back


Think sanctuary, escapism, and simplicity as influences for how you want your space to feel.

To Get Started:

Make the best of this time and think about what will make you happy. Have you been putting off decluttering, or a painting project? Just one of these two tasks, let alone both, can drastically alter the look and feel of any space. Now is the time!

4 Easy Things You Can Do Right Away


  • Make Your Bed Every Day: The feeling of accomplishment is worth it! Here are some simple steps for How To Make Your Bed. Or, if you already know how, and want a bed that looks like a pro made it, then check out these 20 Ways to Make Your Bed.
  • Let The Sunshine In: Open the blinds/curtains. There are health benefits to getting some rays. Sunlight increases our serotonin levels which in turn makes us happier. It’s also a good source for Vitamin D, and that helps us fight disease.
  • Light Candles: It’s a candle’s soft illumination and mesmerizing quality that helps to soothe us, calm us down, and reduce stress. The candle’s flame also creates a softness in a space that instantly makes it feel warm and welcoming.
  • Bring In Plants: Besides looking attractive, the beauty of plants goes far beyond the aesthetic. Plants play a vital role in providing tranquil environments in which to relax, boost mood, be productive, concentrate, and be creative. Plants also have health benefits. My favorite is their ability to filter harmful toxins and pollutants from the air.

Stuck in a Rut…

Here Are 3 of Our Best Kept Secrets You Can Use to Curate a New Look

Stunk Inside

  • Embrace an Eclectic Style to Express Yourself: Eclectic style is a great way to counterbalance mixing and matching the old with the new. It invites you to fill your space with objects you love and unique finds that strike your fancy. However, the freedom that makes this style so appealing can also mean the difference between calm and chaotic. Here’s a great article from houzz on how to master the mix.
  • Have Fun, Go Shopping in Your Home: Reconsider items you’ve stored away, you’re tired of, or are thinking about getting rid of.  Swap them out for other items in other rooms. You’ll be amazed at how good your things will look when combined differently in a fresh, new way. You just might fall back in love with your things!
  • Change the Furniture Layout in the Space: Have you ever asked yourself, “Why doesn’t my space feel inviting?,” or, ” Something feels off?” Poorly positioned furniture can very well be the cause. Learn how to create pleasing flow to help a space feel warm and inviting.

So, instead of feeling frustrated that you’re stuck in the house, be thankful for the time. Get inspired, and give your space a fresh new look!

***In light of the current (COVID-19) situation we hope that you and your loved ones are well. It’s our hope that if we all work together and do our part to lessen the spread of this virus we can all get back to our routines having learned to work together for a common goal. The one thing we all (nation, country, world) have in common right now is this virus. We’re hopeful that one day what unites us all is humanity.***

Happy Tweaking!

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