Make it Personal!

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Express Your Personality

There is an important psychological comfort we gain by personalizing the space around us. Just a simple change can drastically alter how we feel about ourselves and how we approach life. All it takes is a few personal touches in just the right places. Studies show that we prefer and often crave personalized experiences; whether it’s an interaction or engagement with a piece of software, a piece of content, or a person that leaves us feeling like our interests and preferences were actually taken into account. Personalizing our spaces is no different.

What feels better? Someone giving you a fitted baseball cap with your favorite team’s logo on the front and your initials stitched on the side, or, someone giving you a one-size-fits-all baseball cap with some team you hate’s logo on the front and no initials? Maybe the person who gave you the cap picked it up as a give-away at an event and you’re just the lucky recipient.

See how we personalized five spaces that aren’t the cookie cutter, quintessential decorating styles you can purchase from any home decor store. Instead, see how we gave these clients something customized and that says something about who they are.

Custom Personal Mural
Custom Personalized Mural

Make It Your Own With…

A Mural

It’s fairly easy to do. There are lots of mural companies on the Internet. Our go-to is Murals Your Way. Send them your photo and wall dimensions, and in a short amount of time you’ll have your own mural, created just for you! Our client loves to fly. Instead of using a stock photo for his mural, we used an actual photo of him in his airplane. Click HERE to see the full project.

A Triptych

Great Big Canvas makes it easy for you. We browsed through their many selections of stock photos to find just the right piece for this avid cyclists family room. Click HERE to see the full project.

Before photo of the family room before it was decorated.
Fully decorated family room with bicycle triptych hanging over sectional sofa.

A Poster

Take a poster from AllPosters and install it in a corner for an unexpected personal touch, then add a vintage bike for added WOW factor!


A Wall Decal

“Remember that a person’s name is, to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”- Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People 

Personalize your space with a wall decal from Etsy .

After - Name Decal
After – Name Decal

Make it your personal own with your favorite animal decal from Wayfair.

Happy Tweaking!

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