What Homeowners Really Care About Per Generation, and How Tweaking Helps

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Baby Boomers: 

Team players who respect authority and are concerned about financials, retirement, and sticking to tradition.

The Tweak process is useful for my baby boomers because it saves money for retirement and places emphasis on incorporating family heirlooms.


Gen X:

Revenue generating, communicative, hard workers concerned about their children, parents and home.

From the start of the initial consultation, there is full disclosure about the Tweaking process. The budget is set so my Gen X’ers can rest assured they know exactly what they are spending. I reutilize what the homeowner already has, saving on the budget and creating a comfortable space unique to the client’s family.



Ambitious, eco-friendly, and budget-conscious, desiring instant gratification.

Let’s face it. Millenials like fast. And the great thing about Tweaking is- it all happens in ONE DAY. Does it get any better? Well, my millennials will be happy to know that the Tweaking process relies heavily on being eco-friendly. We reduce. We reuse. and we certainly recycle. The process is also good for the youngin’s just starting out, who maybe don’t have as big of a budget as the Gen X client.


What we do here at TYS transcends generations. It helps people at all stages of their lives. The Tweak process helps breath new life into whichever home we enter. Think your space might need a breath of fresh air? Our rates are published right here on the site. Full disclosure.

See the Tweak Story for information on how this process began and our blog, “Our Philosophy” for information on its core principles.






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