College Apartment Tweaking Done FAST!

It’s official.  My son got accepted into medical school!

Cue the balloons!  It was a long road to get here.

And while there was tons of excitement and cheer following this great news, there was also a lot of stress.

Fernando received his acceptance letter just 3 weeks before the start of the semester.

That means we had just a few weeks to get him all set and moved in.

My son, my sister and I all packed up his things and drove 300 miles to his new apartment. Which, miraculously, was an easy find.

Let the games begin!

All moved in.  Now it’s time to do some serious shopping.

My son, the future doctor, with his new decor from Home Goods.


Everything’s here.  Now, let’s Tweak!









I am in love with this lounge chair.  Perfect for a young gentleman!



There are those baskets from Home Goods!  We mounted them to the wall in his bathroom to give him extra storage for toiletries.


Can this be any more perfect for a college guy?



The piece you see above the bar (yes, my son is of age) was made by a local sculptor

by the name of Marc Sonenberg.



At Home Goods, I found this awesome tray I decided to use in his bathroom.

I also bought a bottle of soap because it looked manly.


Home sweet home. 

All in a day’s work. Now its time for momma to fly back to her empty nest.