Dining spaces can be challenging rooms to style, but when it’s the first thing you see when you walk in the front door, it needs to be inviting. Adding to the challenge was an adjoining, empty, 8′ wide x 19′ long space you could see from the front door and the dining room. There are four ways to enter this long narrow space which functions as a hall connecting the kitchen and family room to other parts of the home. The question became, “How else could this space function?” Trying numerous layouts we settled on a “gallery” style space. At one end of the space is a large 60″ x 60″ custom art piece hung above a 78″ wide a bench upholstered in tufted linen. We moved an existing buffet to this space and hung a round mirror above it to draw your eyes to the space. Conveniently, the buffet is now located just outside the kitchen, but is still part of the dining room, making it the ideal spot for buffet-style dining.