$500 Kitchen Makeover

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Cocina, Cucina, Cuisine, or just Kitchen…

Whatever you call this necessity of life, the kitchen is the heart and epicenter of the home. It’s where the love is made that nourishes our bodies and that of our families. When our kitchens aren’t functioning as well as we want them to, it may be time for a makeover! However, if you’re a little short on cash, here’s a makeover that won’t break the bank.

Kitchen at a Glance
Who lives here: A Military Family of Five, Bearded Dragon, & Dog
Location: Tampa, Florida
Budget: $500.00, an electric screw driver, and one day!

Before Makeover

These homeowner’s have seen their fair share of moving. Relocating is part of military life. Add a few kids, a bearded dragon, a dog, traveling hundreds of miles, and you’ve got yourself a logistical challenge. It was up to Dad to pick a new place to live. Mom was back home packing up the kids and preparing for the move. A decision needed to be made, and time was of the essence!

Finding a new place to live for one person, let alone a family of five, can be daunting. Picking out a place that everyone will like is almost impossible. So, you can just imagine the disappointment when the kitchen, “command central,” wasn’t up to par.

BEFORE THE MAKEOVER: The kitchen lacked personality and warmth. Functionally, it needed more storage. There was a lot of wasted, unused, wall space. This gave the kitchen a feeling of being bottom-heavy, even though there were two large windows. The result was a place no one wanted to spend time in.

$500 Kitchen Makeover

  First on the makeover agenda…

Budget Kitchen Makeover

Install two, new, inexpensive shelves from Ikea next to the windows to give the kitchen more upper storage. Doing this accomplished two things. First, it added visual weight above the counter. Second, it made the blank wall look more interesting. Although they didn’t have much in the way of decorative odds and ends – easier to pack come move time – a few family photos were added to the shelves along with white dinnerware, candles, and succulents in mini cardboard boxes to create a look that is uncluttered, fresh, and inviting.

TOTAL:  $68.00

Second on the makeover agenda…

Before Makeover

In addition to needing more storage, there were two cabinets sitting side-by-side on the floor. Functionally, this wasn’t working. By stacking them on top of each other and attaching them to the wall, this created a vertical pantry that took up less floor space and was easier to access.

Next, Ikea shelves were hung in the newfound wall space making it handy for grab-and-go wine glasses. Bringing form and function together!

Budget Kitchen Makeover

  • Ikea Shelves: $63.00
  • Home Goods Candles: $10.00
  • Frame: FREE
  • Wine Glasses: FREE

 TOTAL:  $73.00

Third on the makeover agenda…

$500 Kitchen Makeover


Details add personality. A secret trick of mine is to use an unexpected lamp in the kitchen to add a warm glow. After that, we added three new topiaries in the window and hung the family’s clock over the door.

TOTAL: $59.00

Last on the makeover agenda…

For the finishing touches, we added two new counter stools and hung the family’s framed cork board.

  • Wayfair Bar Stools: $300.00
  • Framed Cork Board: FREE

TOTAL: $300.00

The Grand Total Coming to JUST $500!

$500 Kitchen Makeover

It’s amazing what you can do with just $500! In the words of the homeowners, “We turned their house into a HOME!”

Happy Tweaking!

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