What’s in your Tweak bag, Debbie?

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Every Tweak we do, I always make sure to bring the Tweak Bag. It’s my handy-dandy bag filled with things that might come in handy while Tweaking. Some Tweaks call for different things, but one thing is certain. The Tweak Bag always contains 3 key things. These three things are my finishing touches.

1. Candles


You know what I say. Candles are meant to be lit. I make sure to have at least one candle with me on every Tweak I do. They are the perfect touch for any Tweak. They provide light, color, warmth, and of course, a pleasant aroma to welcome your guests.



2. Throw Blankets

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Cozy, snuggly, and warm, a throw is the perfect finishing touch for any Tweak. Nothing says HOME like a zhushed-up throw blanket. They are awesome for adding color to a space as well. Get creative with your throw. Need inspiration? Check out our blog “15 Ways to Use a Throw.”



3. Plants



My favorite. With this finishing touch, we are literally adding Life to the space. Adding greenery will add an organic vibe to your Tweak, allowing it to have that inviting, homey feel.

Now that you know my tricks, go find a candle you love, a throw that feels good to you, and a plant you really admire, and watch your space be transformed when you add these items in. Simple as that.

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