Everyone Needs An Everything Space!

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See how we transformed this former breezeway into a multi-functional space!

Deciding how to make an awkward space functional can be hard. First, you need to consider how you want the space to function. Then there are colors, lighting, furniture, scale, and traffic flow, all of which can be confusing and overwhelming. Which is possibly why so many people throw their hands up in the air and call a professional. Thank you! You’re the reason we have this awesome job! For this project the client came to us with a riddle, “How do you make an enclosed breezeway with 6 entrances/exits family friendly and serve a variety of functions?” The Answer: “To get to the other side!”… Wait! That’s the answer to – Why did the…, oh never mind. Let’s take a look at how we transformed this seemingly difficult to design space into the multi-functional “Everything Space” this family of four desperately needed.

Before Space
Before Space

Before, this space was being used as a homework/hangout/laundry station. It felt and looked lifeless. We’re not talking about you Lucy. You’re the most hug-able, love-able, ador-able, must keep in the room, dog. Help! They screamed! And we’re glad they did. We jumped right in, and here’s the breakdown of what we did to give this space its claim to fame title “THE EVERYTHING SPACE!”

The Table:

After Space
After Space


The room is a long 22′ by 12′ wide space that still had the old window opening in it from when the breezeway was enclosed. The window loomed over your head while sitting on the sofa. The opening gave you the odd feeling you were sitting in a hole. I knew right away we needed to bring the level of the eye up. Installing a custom built bar-height table that is 42″ tall did the trick. This gave them direct access to the kitchen through the old window opening. I figured, “How convenient would it be to be able to pass food from the kitchen, through the window, and onto the bar-height table?” Oh yeah, that was happening! So I gave Urban Wood Goods a call and had the Bar-Height Brooklyn Bistro Table made: 72″ L x 36″ W x 42″ T. It’s also the perfect spot for folding laundry and watching TV. You’re welcome Dad’s back.

The Colors

The finished space!
The finished space!

Thankfully, the homeowners were open to a new wall color. Wanting to keep the space feeling crisp and zen, I knew immediately that I was going to change the wall color from yellow to white (Sherwin-Williams, Alabaster – SW 7008). We spoke about keeping the colors cool and breezy. Funny – breezy colors for the “Breezeway”.  By installing the graphic Stairstep Jute rug from West Elm it helped to distracted from the dated tile and gave this space a much needed punch of style and color. Bluish-gray, gray, white, black, and tan are the colors of choice for this space. I selected a natural finish for the bar-height table to keep things looking light and organic.

The fun bar stools are from Wayfair! They’re called the “Cecil” and the “Barchetta” bar stools! They come in a variety of colors, from Glossy Copper to Green, but I decided to stick to the Distressed Black stools. Fitting don’t you think? I’m hoping by now you’re starting to get the over all “look” of the space. OK. I know, we’re the experts. We call this look industrial/eclectic!

The Lighting:

Black details and beautiful lush green landscaping.
Black Details & Beautiful Lush Green Landscaping

Showing three forms of lighting. Three overhead pendants hang from the ceiling, wall sconce on the wall is over the daybed, and there are three lit candles on the table.

As I’m hoping you all know by now, Chandeliers are ceiling jewelry! TAKE DOWN THE CEILING FAN! In this case, we replaced it with 3 awesome Schoolhouse Pendants from Pottery Barn! Shhh… kids don’t pay attention to the subliminal message of the pendants. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Notice the design detail. The black iron on the pendants nicely draws attention to the black detail on the glass doors; pulling your gaze outside to the beautiful lush green landscaping.

The Reading Nook

It's all in the details! Love You More Pillow
Love You More Pillow

Daybed/Reading Nook!
Daybed/Reading Nook!


The reading nook was a request from Mom. She wanted a place where she could lounge, work on her laptop, and still be around the kiddos.  I ordered the Marlowe Daybed from Crate & Barrel in Douglas Peat linen. Coincidentally, she had already been eyeing this piece for herself before I arrived on the scene. Funny how that works! The fabric is durable and compliments the relaxed design. To top it all off, we installed a Pottery Barn Articulating Wall Sconce for late-night reading!

The Storage

Before Storage
Before Storage
After Storage
After Storage

The Triple Beadboard Entry Cabinet from Ballard Designs added another element to the space! It’s now functioning as a mud room. It was the perfect choice to add structure and order to dumping all your stuff as you come in the door from the garage. Well, as you come in any door, there are six of them in this small space. Now, the kids have a place to drop their backpacks. We also added wicker baskets to store doggy toys and leashes. Guess where all the discarded shoes are? Yup, THE DRAWERS!

The Plants

Like with every space, I try to always incorporate a little nature. I feel that bringing the outdoors in adds life and living color to a space. Just like when you enter a room and there are already people there. It’s warm, welcoming, and full of life. We picked up the Birds Nest Ferns at Fancy Free Nursery here in Tampa. They’re planted in terracotta pots with tiny black rocks as ground cover. I’m always thinking about the details, even the small ones. The terracotta of the pots correlates with the brick on the patio just outside the glass doors, the black rocks speak to all the black accents in the room, and, of course, the ferns bring in the color green that’s seen just outside.

The Conclusion

So, if you where keeping track, THE EVERYTHING SPACE now functions as a mud room, homework space, laundry folding area, reading nook, eating area, TV watching room, game room, work area, and hang out space! I hope you enjoyed this blog and were able to get something, or “EVERYTHING”, useful to make your spaces and life better!

Happy Tweaking!

The Reaction


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The Photo Shoot!

South Tampa Magazine reached out to us for their article focusing on small spaces. Check back soon to see our feature in South Tampa Magazine!

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