15 Different Ways to Utilize A Throw Blanket

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There is one item that I personally believe is the most versatile item you can have. And that, my friends, is a throw blanket. The throw blanket is the answer to all our Tweaking prayers. For one, they are almost always cozy. Two, you can pretty much buy them anywhere. And three, they are the best for adding a dash of color to your newly Tweaked space. Remember, think strategically when adding one in. Look for where the space is lacking color or texture, and then, well, just throw the throw on over there.

Here are 15 ways you can incorporate a throw blanket in your space:

  1. Draped or folded on a chair, sofa or bed

  2.  Rolled and used as a lumbar pillow for a chair, sofa or bed

  3. Thrown on dining chairs. All chairs or just end chairs.

  4. Table cloth; place mat or table runner

  5. Rolled, folded or draped in a basket

  6.  Pinned to the wall as “wall art”

  7. Used as a curtain – draped over pipe or pinned to wall

  8.  Over the back of a bar stool

  9. Folded and stacked on a shelf

  10.  Around the base of plant

  11.  Used as a headboard for a bed

  12.  Layered between a sheet and duvet

  13. Folded or draped over the end of the footboard on the bed

  14. Draped, folded or scrunched on a bench at the end of a bed

  15. Thrown over light fixture as a chandelier






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