Ernst Bedroom After

Let’s be honest, for most of us there are few feelings better than climbing into our own beds after a long day. And it always feels just a little bit better to get into a bed that’s made. There is something luxurious about a beautifully made bed. We used some of our “tricks of the trade” to make this bed extra inviting.

Ernst Bedroom Before

Here is the bedroom before we Tweaked it. As you can see from the first picture, the finished bed is much more plush and appealing. There are a few simple tricks that we always fall back on to achieve this: One, is to pile on the throw pillows; another, is to get yourself a nice fluffy duvet. Of course, if your bed covers aren’t the fullest, you can always create the illusion of fluff by using a couple of unused pillows and a blanket – just like we did!


A folded decorative blanket is a beautiful addition to the end of a bed and is also the perfect hiding place for a few unused pillows if you want to make your bed look more inviting. To do this, you’ll want to fold your throw so that the open edges are facing the end of the bed.


Grab a couple of standard pillows and line them up under the top layer of the blanket. We found these pillows in the back of our client’s linen closet. While they weren’t in the best shape to be at the head of the bed, we repurposed them and gave them new life at the foot of the bed!


Tuck the top edge of the blanket underneath the bottom to create a seamless edge, and smooth the blanket over the top of the pillows. It’s just that simple! Now you have not only made yourself a luxurious bed to climb into at the end of the day but also found a use for your unused pillows!

Photo Oct 24, 10 04 08 AM

Here’s another look at the bed before we fluffed the end.

Photo Oct 24, 1 51 07 PM

This simple Tweak will make a huge difference. Treat yourself to a little bed makeover and see for yourself!


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