Gravity IS Your Friend!

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Attention all IKEA lovers! This blog is for you.

I cannot stop laughing everytime I see the new Ikea commercial. The new ad found on iSpot shows off one woman’s exceptional love of linen as fashion! She is sporting the IKEA BLÅRIPS King Duvet Cover Set like it’s going out of style! But why would it?

Watch the hilarious video here: IKEA Commercial, “Correspondance”

The funny thing about duvets is, no matter how fashionable the style, duvet covers can be a little tricky to insert correctly. Doing simple decorating updates, like switching out a duvet cover, shouldn’t be a chore. Think about it. You order your brand new duvet cover, wait patiently for it to arrive, and now you’re tasked with trying to stuff a duvet insert into your beautiful new bedding! It can be a pain to get the insert to lay correctly.

We only want the FLUFFIEST duvets here at Tweak Your Space!

We have a 3-step process when it comes to inserting inserts into a duvet cover. I’m going to let you in on some tips and tricks of the trade! The main take away is to use height to your advantage. It makes dropping the insert into the duvet cover a breeze, and helps eliminate bunching.


For a flawless look, remember to tie all four corners so the insert won’t slide around. Then, close it all up by fastening the buttons “inward” so they’re hidden!


Tweak Your Duvet Cover! from Debbie Perez on Vimeo.

And if it gets too difficult, well, then I guess you can always wear it as a shawl!

Happy Tweaking!

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